it’s friday and i’m sharing my cell phone pics from the week! link up with us over at life rearranged.

i grabbed a quick lunch with my dear friend {and one of our managers} marijke at a new sushi place on higuera. it’s raku and it was delicious!

someone drew a chalk heart on a brick wall–i’m pretty sure they did it just to brighten my day.

matthias is a book-lover. we spend a decent amount of time browsing at barnes and noble.

we like to call this the ‘less easy’ way to climb the stairs. not sure what david was tying to accomplish but don’t worry, i rescued him.

our pewter heart bowl is sitting on my desk in the workshop. and i’ve been reflecting about how much rest and alone time help my soul to love better. seems simple, but i need lots of reminders.

ben 10 and a knight showed up for halloween. and we had a blast!

red shoes adding a little fun to my day. love.

i got to share a piece of pumpkin pie with chrissie yesterday. pretty much the best day ever. i love that girl.

our weekend is super mellow. david is sick with the flu–which means we’ll be home. and i’ll be praying no one else gets it! what are your weekend plans?