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What makes your mom amazing? {part two}

April 19th | inspiration

I interviewed one of my sweet friends, Marijke {mer-I-kah} to ask her about her mom. Marijke has been married for a few years, and she and her husband don’t have kids yet. And Marijke’s mom and dad live all the way in Singapore. Crazy! But they manage to keep up with skype, instagram and visits when possible. Here is what Marijke had to say about her mom…

{photo by christan parreira}

What makes your mom so special?
My mom loves to serve and care for others. She is incredibly honest and has a really big heart for everyone. She has taught me what it looks like to be a loving wife and mother.

If your mom had a whole day to herself, what would she do with it?
She would spend it with her family! My pop, her four kids, and her five sisters!  Probably eating good food together – preferably a picnic in Laguna Beach.

How does your mom show you that she loves you?
She shows her love through acts of service. She cleans for you, makes the most amazing food for you, and does anything else you need or want.

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Marijke’s mom is wearing our dewdrops necklace in the first photo. Love it on her!

Share with us! If you’re mom had a whole day to herself, what would she do with it?

4 Responses

  1. jimmie lee says:

    If i had a whole day to myself, I would wake up as late as i want. take my time to enjoy my coffee as i watched just a little bit of tv. Then I would read and write and listen to music for the rest of the day! In the evening I would join my family in the living room for laughs and tickles and cuddling before bed. Ahh… A perfect day :)

  2. Meghan Hall says:

    read or spend time with kids or grandkids!

  3. Lisa says:

    If my mom had a whole day to herself, she would watch old movies and make her beaded jewelery. She might even throw in a novel.

  4. Denis says:

    The necklace which your mom wears in the picture looks gorgeous on her.

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