I have some adorable photos and an interview to share today! This is my sweet friend, Anna and her son Asher {who will steal your heart!} Anna’s a talented photographer–so hop over to check out her site!  Make sure to find the awesome coupon code at the bottom of the post. What has surprised you most about being a mom?

Well, there is always the true and obvious surprise….how much more I love my son than I even imagined I could. But I also am surprised at how much more inward my attention has turned towards my family. My love for my husband has grown and deepened in leaps and bounds and my relationships with my parents and siblings families are my most precious relationships.   I need them so much more as I am trying to raise my family.

Do you experience mom guilt? 

Yes, just this morning.  I was trying to clean my bathrooms and straighten up my house.  My son was whining and demanding things.  I kept trying to give him things to make him happy and keep him busy so mama could clean.  Guilt spoke and I realized that he was acting that way because he needed mama time.  My house wasn’t that dirty and I could find time during naptime to finish up.  These years are so fleeting and someday the tables will turn and I will be the whiner.  I put my stuff away and sat on the floor to build a superhero hideout.

If you had all day to yourself, how would you spend it?

I would do all the things that are not easy to do towing a little one around.  Before leaving the house I would remove all superheros, underwear, and kid snacks from my purse. Then off to a coffee shop for breakfast and good book to keep me company.  Then some shopping…just to see first hand what fashion is actually IN the stores, not online or in a magazine.  Just to flip through the racks in my own thoughts.  Then I’d meet up with a friend for a lunch date and some adult conversation.  I would pick the table on the sidewalk because I’m not worried my lunch date would ditch the booster seat and run into the street.  Then home for a nap with no alarm and no buzzing of the baby monitor.  After my nap I would take a bath and get ready for my hot date with my husband.  Which includes a dinner I did not cook.  Sounds so lovely, but only for a day……because at the end of the evening I know I’ll be missing my little guy.

Thank you, Anna! You are such an amazing mama.

Now your turn to share with us!   What surprised you most about being a mom?

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