I have some special Mother’s Day interviews lined up for you!

The first one is with Jess, our social media specialist, her two sisters and her mom. Jess {in the romper with hearts} is such an amazing part of our marketing team. Jess’s mom, Susan, is leaving this year to be a long term missionary in Africa, she also will be a first time grandma this fall. Stephanie’s baby is due in September and it’s a BOY! Kathryn is heading to college in the fall to study child development.  Not pictured are Jess’s step-dad and two older brothers. So there is A LOT going on with this sweet family.

We asked Susan some questions about being a mom and her answers were so heartfelt. Read on to get to know her and her sweet girls!

What is your favorite thing about being a mom?

My favorite things about being a mother is being able to love and bond with little ones who need you, look up to you, and learn from you.  Caring and leading young lives in the ways of God, as we are able is truly an honor.  I love the fun and adventure of a mom with her kids as she experiences each child’s daily changes and growth as they develop.  I love how unique each life is!  I love caring for my children, nurturing them, reading to and teaching them.

What is the biggest difference between being a mom to toddlers and a mom to teenagers?

Toddlers are physically demanding, while teens are mentally and emotionally demanding!

What are you most looking forward to about being a Grandma?

In becoming a Grandma, I look forward to simply holding that baby!  And then, bonding and developing a relationship with him.  I look forward to playtime, adventures, spoiling him a little, and loving him every chance I get!  I will also be a big prayer warrior for my grandchild, mom and dad.

What have you learned from your children?

I have learned so much from my children!  I have experienced a love like none other, a love that lays it’s life down, protects, defends, nurtures.  I am compelled to pray for my grown children every day or moment God lays them on my heart.  I have learned of the heart of God through my children…His amazing love for them, and the amazing answered prayer…I have learned how to pray for others because of my children!  I have learned to serve others from my children and to trust God as well.  I have learned of how interested God is in our uniqueness and individuality as His children

What surprises have you encountered along the way?

The main surprise I have noticed is how different my kids are from one another!  They are so unique and gifted in different ways.  Not that I expected them to be clones, but I am always amazed at their individual strengths and weaknesses.  But I am also surprised at the common need and love they have for a Savior and their Creator…when we speak of the Lord, we are of one mind.

What challenges have you come up against?

Fear has been the biggest challenge for me as a mom.  I have learned, through much anguish and tears, to take every fear, worry, or concern I have for every detail of their lives to the Lord in prayer.  It’s like a gunny sack full of my worries at His feet.  I have to remember that He loves them even more than me!

Thank you Susan! I love your heartfelt answers. I totally resonate with the fear you struggle with as a mother. I worry about my boys, too. After the horrible events in Boston yesterday I am reminded that I’m not in control and praying for peace.

* * *

Moms out there, tell us, what’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced as you care for your kids?