We asked April to model some of the pieces for our mother’s day collection. April and I have collaborated on a few inspiration shoots. She creates gorgeous flower arrangements and bouquets–so inspiring! Her baby girl Ellis, just turned one year old. April, her husband, Josh and Ellis, live in the hills of Atascadero, just north of San Luis Obispo.

We wanted to ask April a few questions about being a new mom. Here’s what she had to say…

I would love a little peek into your daily routine!

Ellis, my little alarm clock, usually rings around 7:30 in the morning. She eats, I drink coffee+eat and then we lounge around together reading books, throwing balls, laugh at the dogs, climb on the couch, read another book, maybe read yet another book (she sort of loves books!) and then meander into her room where she’ll then let me know she’s ready for a morning snooze. She’ll sleep an hour or two and while she does I’ll get ready for the day with a second cup of coffee in hand. Once she’s up it’s go time. We’ll run any errands we have to do, go for a walk, play outside (her favorite!), throw the ball for the dogs, meet a friend for lunch or clean up whatever messes we’ve made throughout the morning.

It won’t be long after that that Ellis will be ready for her afternoon snooze (oh, to be a baby!). She’ll sleep for a couple of hours and I use that time to work. I’ll return e-mails to clients, work on flower orders or add pins to my pinterest boards for clients, or work on designs for the coming weekends wedding. Those two hours fly by and then Ellis is ready to take on the afternoon. We have a little snack together and repeat our morning activities+plus some other fun things, like bubbles or the sand box, which I reserve for the late afternoon crankies.

Dinner is around six, a bath follows that and then we get going on our bedtime routine. Jammies on, lots of laughs and play and then we snuggle down into our cozy chair for some quiet bed time books and a little song. I give her a kiss good night tell her it was a great day and that I love her. I close her door and exhale from the exhaustion of it all but also smile because it’s all worth it.

What have you learned from Ellis?

I am a type ‘A’ personality. I like things organized in their respective boxes throughout life. I strive when things are organized, planned, expected and logical. I have learned from Ellis, in the short year I’ve know her, that I need A LOT more flexibility in my life. There is really nothing organized, planned, expected or logical when raising a child. It’s a go-with-the-flow situation. Ellis lives in the moment not in the future. I need to be better at that.

What advice would you give to working moms?

Having+running my own business was challenging enough as it was. Adding a little babe in the mix just added to the chaos and overwhelmed me at first. About 3 months after I had Ellis I figured out there would be NO balance between work+family+home+life. My family comes first and that’s it. End of story. My best advise is everything else can wait. My daughter+husband are more important than this feature, that booked wedding or how many likes we had on FaceBook.

Have you encountered any surprises along the way?

I have encountered more surprises than I can count but the most notable would be the surprise of just how much I LOVE being a mom. As an only child who grew up unsure if I even wanted children I can now NOT imagine my life with out my daughter. I knew I would love her I just didn’t know I was capable of loving her this much.

Thank you April for a peek into your lives. Your days sound sweet, full of fun and so busy! I agree with you, I love being a mom more than I could have ever imagined!

April is wearing the always a mother necklace and the thank you mom bracelet, and Ellis is having fun with the whimsical bubble wand! Have you shopped for mother’s day yet?

* * *

If you have kiddos, do you remember your first year as a mom? I remember falling in love with David–a new kind of love I’d never experienced before. And I remember realizing that all of the sudden my wants and needs came second–and his came first. How did you change when you became a mom?