Hello friends!

Today I have a fun story to share with you. Shelby and Makela are two of our AWESOME team members–helping with marketing and production. They are each such amazing girls and we love having them in the workshop. They met here at Lisa Leonard Designs and now they’re roommate. How fun is that? We asked Shelby and Makela to model our true friend bracelets {available today only!} and we asked them to share about their friendship.

We met at Lisa Leonard Designs out on the production floor. We were both looking for housing and Shelby asked Makela if she wanted to find a place together. Through conversations we realized our home towns were right next to each other in Northern California, and our paths had crossed many times. We even attended the same volleyball camp when we were younger and we didn’t even know it!

We are both really easy going and light hearted which makes it easy to live and work together. Our lifestyles are pretty similar and we find a balance in spending time with other people as well. We enjoy assembling jewelry…duh, dancing and listening to live music, juicing, sitting by our fireplace in the mornings with our cup of joe, crocheting, being outside, decorating our house, late night chats (late night, as in 9 o’clock), soaking up  the sun at the beach,  and dreaming about many adventures in far away places.

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Shelby: I can’t keep houseplants alive, my solution is to just buy more. I eat cereal in bed almost every night.  Makela stirs my oatmeal in the morning when I’m frantically getting ready for work. Makela leaves me little sweet notes every now and then.
Makela: I love my candles. Shelby feeds me while my grocery routine is lousy. While Shelby’s on her early morning run I brew our coffee. The couch next to our armoire sits more clothes than it does people. I worry about Shelby if she isn’t home by ten o’clock (we’re both not night owls).
We both love: pine trees, camping, the river, antlers, dansko clogs, and hot buttered rum.

There was a power outage one night and our neighbor decided to set off fireworks while we were sound asleep. We both woke up convinced that they were gun shots. As we were about to call the cops we looked out the window and realized it was only fireworks. He is really strange and always up to something. We are continually looking out our window at his house, and feel like we are the detectives on a case.

 Shelby and Makela, thank you for sharing about your friendship. It makes my heart happy!

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Tell us about a friend who has journeyed with you and makes life better!