I have something SWEET to share with you today! Our team has been working hard filling Mother’s Day orders–so as a fun, surprise, we had sugar lips donuts park in our parking lot and make mini donuts. They were delicious. And it was the perfect way to break up a day of production.

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 Hello adorable trailer. I love how vintage and charming you are!

Hello warm sunny days. It feels like summer around here–which makes going to school difficult!

Hello toppings! I ordered my donuts with cinnamon sugar, powdered sugar, strawberries and whipped cream.

Hello fryer that cooks up the most delicious mini donuts EVER!

Hello hard working team at Lisa Leonard Designs. These are the people that make it happen–and I’m so grateful!

Hello sugar. I have a serious sweet tooth.

Hello iced coffee. Right next to my sweet tooth is a coffee tooth.

Hello turquoise. Is there any color sweeter?

Hello feeling very thankful. This team frees me to be a mama and a working woman.

Hello sunburn. My skin is so fair I actually got a little sunburn this weekend. Crazy!

Hello hairdresser. I’m getting my hair cut tomorrow. And I think I might go a little blonder.

Hello Steve. I have such an insightful, hard-working husband. We are together A LOT–it’s imperfect and awesome.

Hello team! Not everyone is pictured but this gives you an idea of our awesome crew!

Hello friends visiting for a couple days. We are so excited!

Hello watching Hart of Dixie. It’s kind of cheesy and a lot of fun.

Hello Cinco de Mayo! Mexican food for dinner?!

Hello LAST day to order personalized jewelry for Mother’s Day. Shop TODAY!

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