hello no time for downtime

Lately it has been crazy around here–the kind of crazy where I the to-do list is long and I’m still leaving things undone–or forgetting them all together! When I feel overwhelmed I remind myself lots of things ARE getting done. It doesn’t have to be perfect. So many GOOD things are happening.

In the midst of the crazy we are finding little moments for making pancakes, taking a walk or time to read books with David. There’s no time for downtime but these things–the ones that seem unimportant–are really the most important, don’t you think?

How about some hellos for a new week?

Hello sunshine! Oh my gosh we’ve had some gorgeous weather lately. I love it!

Hello rushing from one thing to next and trying to slow down, breathe and be in the moment.

Hello books and more books. David is constantly bringing me his favorite books so I’ll read to him. It’s adorable. And I’m trying to say YES as much as possible.

Hello stopping in a beautiful moment and trying to take it all in. I am so thankful for our little family. Life is good.

Hello BIG SALE in the shop. YAY! Mother’s Day is coming–find the perfect keepsake here.

Hello reading this book. It’s definitely edgy with a lot of language–so be warned. I am an autobiography JUNKIE. I love to hear people’s stories.

Hello falling behind on texts and emails. Yikes!

Hello letting it be imperfect. And sometimes letting it be downright hard. It’s real and it’s okay.

Hello writing and dreaming and planning and designing and falling into bed tired at night.

Hello to YOU! It’s a brand new week with beauty to be found. What are you saying hello to this week?


  1. I waited till the gender reveal party for my very first grandchild to know what to have put on my ring that was to be my mothers day present. I received an email with a discount code for mothers day and it wont work. It isn’t even mothers day!! So much for ordering my perfect present

  2. Just wanted to say Cameron, from your customer service, is an excellent employee! She was very friendly, courteous, and helpful! I will be shopping here again thanks to her!

  3. I ordered 2 birthstone necklaces 4 weeks ago , and I’m a bit disappointed that I haven’t received some kind or an email letting me know anything.. I was charged quickly but won’t receive a heads up on my gifts , not even a tracking number …

    1. Hello Chloe
      I apologize for the wait. Will you email us at customer service at Lisa leonard dot com so we can give you an update on your order. Thank you. xx

  4. I love your jewelry and have numerous pieces, have referred others. I am not trying to be mean but I thought you hand made your own jewelry, that is one of the most inspiring reasons for shopping on your website. I purchased hand printed rings for my daughter and she told me they were from Indonesia. I was totally astonished and disappointed.

    1. Hi Carolyn
      Thank you for your thoughts. I design the jewelry and we partner with artisans–both inside the US and outside, to create a special piece just for you. Each piece is handmade with heart.
      Warmly, Lisa

  5. There is so much to do and so little time. Prioritize what’s important. Anne Lamott said, “No one on their death bed wishes they did more laundry.” So true!

  6. You are a great mom, Lisa. It’s true that no person loves David and Matthias more than you, but it’s not enough. No one person can fill all the love needs for another. It takes a village. Even that’s not enough. As you know, our ultimate need for love is not fulfilled until we respond to God’s love. His love well is bottomless and can satisfy the thirstiest soul.

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