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hello, monday morning.

July 26th | hello monday


1. a flower outside my favorite thrift shop

2. a hummingbird who visits us every morning.

3. a bumblebee at a bridal shower

4. a backyard flower.


hello friends!

i managed to grocery shop and wash the car and do laundry yesterday-

which puts me in a good position for monday morning!


matthias starts zoo camp today.

it’s called ‘If I Ran the Zoo’. and he is so excited.

{but just between us, if he ran the zoo, the animals wouldn’t get fed

on time and there would be toys everywhere!}


david has a really nasty cold…

which is bad, because we have a heart catheterization scheduled at ucla, august 11.

and i am hoping he’ll be well so we won’t have to delay his open heart surgery.

if you don’t mind, would you take a moment to pray for his health?

* * *

i so appreciate each of you!

thank you for sharing this {crazy} journey with us.

please, tell me about your monday!

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  1. Cait says:

    My Monday started with a very lazy, long morning in bed. I was supposed to have a night shift on the NICU tonight, but there aren’t enough sick babies. This makes it double good to have a night off. Instead I did grocery shopping and a little house-tidying. I’m going to make something fun and complicated for dinner because I have the time.

    I’ll be praying for David, and good fun to Matthias!

  2. Gina says:

    I will keep sweet David in my prayer’s ! Happy Monday to you too !

  3. Kathy says:

    Lisa, PLEASE try the Sambucol-black elderberry syrup. You can get it at Rite-aid and probably all the vitamin stores around here. It will prevent as well as speed the healing process of a cold. David might not like the taste, so mix it with a juice or pudding. There are also chewables. Sending healing wishes your way.

  4. Kristi says:

    We are off to the county fair today. My girls have scrapbooking and pie baking projects they have entered. Then we are off to see my niece ride her horse for her project. Should be a fun (but hot) day!

  5. Hello Lisa, I read your blog daily but don’t often comment. Today I wanted to thank you for the beautiful photos that provided a moment of “ahhh” peacefulness to my morning. All the best to you, Heidi

  6. prayer whispered up for David, and for his momma :)

  7. Denise says:

    Hi Lisa, I just found your blog through A New England Life. Your jewelry is beautiful and so are your photos. I was wondering if you would share how you make them look vintage? I too am from the Central Coast it was fun to read some of the places you have been. I reconized the Foster Freeze from Morro. My thoughts are with David and hope he feels better soon! Happy Monday! Denise

  8. Linda says:

    I just don’t know how you do it Lisa? Sending prayers for David. Hopefully he will be feeling better soon. And thinking of you too! You are one strong and amazng gal.<3

  9. Tiffany Day says:

    Hi sweet Lisa!

    I will take MORE than a moment to pray for sweet David! I pray his entire health and upcoming surgery is guided and protected by God and his army of Angels!

    My monday is busy, getting loose ends tied up at work as we head out of town for vacation tomorrow evening!!! So excited!

    Have a great day!

  10. Traci says:

    Beautiful pics! :-) If you’d like, feel free to use that blog button at your leisure :-)

  11. Nicole says:

    My monday has been cloudy with a forecast of rain here in NC. Which is unfortunate and gives everyone a case of “The Mondays”. However, your beautiful pictures on your sweet blog brightened my day. And don’t you worry you’ve got an army of prayer warriors behind your sweet little boys and you and your husband. Have a wonderful week!

  12. Carrie says:

    Happy Monday! I love love your work!

  13. will keep david in our prayers. my monday is going to be spent at the doctors, i think i have strep. dang it! where the heck did that come from?

  14. Gina says:

    prayers going out for your sweet one! My Monday is like your Sunday; grocery shop, do laundry, pay bills, clean house, and go to IKEA to get a few things to send my daughter off to college with. I’m sure I will be happily tired after dinner…

  15. shana says:

    Prayers with you and your family from my heart…

  16. Susan says:

    Prayers for David (and his mom, and his dad, and even his brother!) are on the way… thank you for your inspiration.

  17. shannon stinson says:

    praying for david! and for you, too as the time for surgery is approaching!

  18. Sheila says:

    Praying for you all and especially David’s health right now. Miss you so much and love you! Have a wonderful week. Xoxo :)

  19. Lori Hamilton says:

    I am so glad Thrifty and Thriving posted your designs and website! I love all of your work and inspiration! The ‘Be Still’ and ‘Together’ necklaces are my favorites! Lori

  20. Kristin says:

    I will absolutely keep David – and your whole family – in my prayers.

    My Monday has so far been about silk. I woke early for my quiet time before my husband and girls woke and went to my little workspace in the basement to sit quietly at my spinning wheel for an hour. My mother in law then took the girls for some fun time this morning, and rather than be practical I went back to the spinning wheel so that I could finish spinning the silk into singles. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll begin plying the two strands together…and soon I’ll knit the whole thing up into a lace shawl.

  21. Megan Boragine says:

    Hey Lisa :) Prayed for and praying for David and fam :) … and since you asked.. our Monday started with Eli leaving for the Czech Republic! He’s going for 17 days on a mission trip with Jim and Donna Jeffrey, Sarah Phillips and Annie Berg. Intense! Jim is keeping us posted on a blog as time and internet is available – you can find it at Love you friend.

  22. Amy says:

    My prayers are with David. “If I ran the zoo”….I so love that book.

  23. patsy says:

    Lisa–I will be praying for your precious David– and I wish I had gotten so much done yesterday (or today)!

  24. patti says:

    Hi! I stumbled across your blog and site and I am in love with your jewelry! I can’t wait to own a piece:) hint, hint, hubby, birthday in August… Anyway, I am so impressed with you photography skills and I will definitely be keeping your little boy in our prayers.

  25. Jenny says:

    Lisa, I check your blog daily…but haven’t commented until today. I read Angie Smith’s book, I Will Carry You, last month and have been hooked on your blog since she raved about you in her book. You are so talented and reach so many lives through your blog and artistry. I will be praying for David, and all of you, during the next few weeks. Hugs to you all! What a brave, faithful bunch you are!

  26. praying for you and your family. {love & hugs} to Matthias :)

  27. oops! {LOVE & HUGS to you, steve, Matthias and David!} sheesh, i am so silly! prayers going out to you!

  28. Philippa says:

    Hi Lisa and David. David honey, all my thoughts and extra strength are flying your way from New Zealand to help you get better, with smiles attached.

    My Monday was busy, Zumba in the morning (which I adore) and then spent the day getting ready for a Plant Collection Register workshop I’m attending on Thursday. I have to make a 30min speech about my progress so far (gulp!). Check out my blog for more info in my Tuesday 27th post. Oh and I managed to do some weeding too! Love and hugs

  29. Wendy Orme says:

    Blowing bubbles with my granddaughter today. Took her to the zoo last Friday…hope Matthias has fun at zoo camp!

  30. Marissa says:

    So sorry about the cold…..blessings and healthy prayers…Marissa

  31. Denise C. says:

    “If I ran the zoo”…well if that was me, I’d probably let all the animals roam free. :) We had a super wicked rain storm Sunday afternoon (I live in Northern Virginia, & it’s unheard of out here). It was enough to knock out our power for almost a full 24 hours. Can I take a moment, & say, I LOVE electricity? My dishwasher is running, my washer is running, my garage door goes up. Ahhhhhh.
    Oh, and Starbucks, thanks for waking me up, twice today! =)

  32. Colleen says:

    Prayers for your family. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos and story with us. Made my Monday morning a lot better.

  33. Dear Lisa,

    I will be honored to join you in prayer tonight. David will be our family’s intention as we pray our evening prayers tonight.

  34. So sorry to hear about David’s cold. Hoping he recovers soon and you guys are in my thoughts.

  35. Lauren Jordan says:

    Sending prayers up for David and all of you. We just got home from a week on the Outerbanks of North Carolina. What a magical place. I saw a hummingbird this morning too. Only the second one I have seen all summer. My Monday was all about unpacking, catching up on emails,mail etc. Getting the house put back together, catching up on laundry, getting the sand out of everthing and having wonderful memories of a great vacation. Tomorrow we are hitting the pool. I just love your new red necklace. I am hoping to buy myself one for an I got the job gift to myself and one for my best friend just because it looks like something she would love. I hope to order them soon, :)

  36. dawn says:

    Praying for David right now. Sweet boy…hope he feels better VERY soon and stays well for his cath.

  37. Amanda says:

    Yes! I prayed for David today!
    My Monday was marvelous! I worked from home all morning and played outside in the park with my three little angel girls all afternoon….came home to feed and bathe them, then hung out with my hubby all evening. Very abnormal and I loved every minute of it!
    God bless

  38. Hi Lisa, praying for David and all of you tonight. Hope he feels better really soon….My Monday was great! Didn’t do a darn thing around here! :) xxoo

  39. Linda says:

    I’ve been packing lots of shoes for an orphanage and some of the staff families, I can say I never had that many shoes in my house before!! God is providing shoes for them they really needed. And, no, my house did not get cleaned it just got more messy in the process. :) May the Lord restore David’s heath miraculously! Have a restful night.

  40. FunkySteph says:

    I won’t tell about my Monday, I was home sick, but I will pray for David. And for you and your family. Love and Hugs.

  41. deezie says:

    Hi Lisa
    I read your blog everyday but don’t comment often. But a prayer request! I would be so happy to be praying for sweet David. And for you of course.
    Our Monday was spent Home, it was my hubby’s birthday and me and the girls blew up balloons, made cupcakes and wrapped up presents. It was a fun day when he came home. He gets home at 1pm. We swam for a bit and then him and our oldest daughter(13) went and played a round of golf. I think he had a great day. I know I did. Happy Tuesday to you.
    Hope David woke up feeling better

  42. liz r. says:

    Prayers for David’s health and also for your peace of mind.

  43. Sarah says:

    Prayers are coming your way!

  44. Kelly H-Y says:

    Your sweet little boy is in my prayers … and I hope Matthias has a great time @ zoo camp!

  45. diane in texas says:

    lisa, i am praying right this second for david’s heart cath….i hope everything stays on schedule. you have a beautiful family.

    HE will cover you with HIS feathers, and under HIS wings you will find refuge. Psalms 91:4

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