1. a flower outside my favorite thrift shop

2. a hummingbird who visits us every morning.

3. a bumblebee at a bridal shower

4. a backyard flower.


hello friends!

i managed to grocery shop and wash the car and do laundry yesterday-

which puts me in a good position for monday morning!


matthias starts zoo camp today.

it’s called ‘If I Ran the Zoo’. and he is so excited.

{but just between us, if he ran the zoo, the animals wouldn’t get fed

on time and there would be toys everywhere!}


david has a really nasty cold…

which is bad, because we have a heart catheterization scheduled at ucla, august 11.

and i am hoping he’ll be well so we won’t have to delay his open heart surgery.

if you don’t mind, would you take a moment to pray for his health?

* * *

i so appreciate each of you!

thank you for sharing this {crazy} journey with us.

please, tell me about your monday!