hello monday {link-up}

hello busy david–who has been into everything this weekend!

hello banging pots and pans, slamming cupboards and breaking dishes. david’s been busy. {oh and sending emails too}

hello school–this mama needs a break!

hello leaves turning

hello pumpkins and sunflowers

hello cooler weather?? i’m really hoping we say goodbye to this heatwave.

hello happy shadows {matthias and i ran errands on saturday morning}

hello taco stack-up for dinner tonight

hello monday–i have a feeling it’s going to be a fabulous week!

what are you saying hello to on this fine october monday? leave a comment, or better yet, link up your blog post in the comments section.


  1. I love that David sent some emails :)!

    Hello, Monday! Hello, autumn sun! Hello, 3/4 of my family at home sick today (I am thankfully not one of them!)! Hello, book club! Hello, good family friends coming over for dinner at our place on Saturday {can’t wait!}, and hello to date night on Sunday at Olympia Film Society!

  2. Hello Lisa on a lovely monday!
    I am saying hello to feeling more like myself (after minor surgery a few weeks ago).
    Hello to having enough energy to go to Zumba – one of my happy places!
    Hello to beautiful fall weather and wearing sweaters, my polkadot rainboots and tights!

  3. I just wanted to say “Hello” to YOU Lisa. Your positive posts always warm my heart. I don’t have a blog, but just wanted to say Hello regardless. Have a great day! XO

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