hello monday {link-up}

hello disco powered batman {matthias’ creativity at work}

hello toys everywhere and just letting it be

hello david deciding to climb everything in sight–on to chairs, tables and the fireplace hearth

hello friends who are literally growing up with my kids–so fun

hello last minute photos session and capturing some great moments

hello bare feet and warm fall afternoons

hello cute fall table setting and pancakes and coffee {yum}

hello lingering around the table as long as possible

hello still going strong on the south beach diet {except for a little slip up here and there}

hello magical weeds waiting to be wished on

hello trying to get in to the doctor’s office today {i’m still not feeling well}

hello, wait what day it is? oh yeah, monday! i’m gonna need a lot more coffee today.

what are you saying hello to on this brand new monday morning?

{link up in the comments below and i’ll hop over to your hello monday post!}


  1. If you want to stay on South Beach or low-carb and are missing pancakes, I found a pretty darn good substitute called CARBQUICK on a low carb website. It can be used for baking pancakes, biscuits, even pizza dough. Inbox me and I will let you know where to get it! Happy Monday to you Lisa!

  2. Hello to fall in Illinois.
    Hello to cloudy, rainy weather – my favorite kind.
    Hello to all the loving people in my life ; I am so blessed!

  3. Hello to seeing my fave band, The Counting Crows, for the 7th time later this week! And hello to our 3rd annual fall weekend on the WA coast with three other families. Can’t wait! Get well soon, Lisa!

  4. Hello to fall weather in the upper peninsula of Michigan!!
    Jackets today for sure.
    Lisa, are those chalk board placemats? Where did you get them?
    Anxiously waiting for 2 new grandchildren in November! My daughter’s having her third and my son (and wife) are having their first!!

  5. Hello virtual friends
    Hello beautiful Ava who start the morning in tears but found her bravery on the way to school.
    Hello Noni who feels unwell and droopy.
    Hello to a day full of movies while snuggled under quilts on the couch.
    Hello Via who sings on her way to Junior High School.
    Hello to the sun peaking out between the drizzle and wet leaves.

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