The boys started school on Thursday last week. It’s kind of nice to have a couple days and then a weekend. We have to get used to early mornings again! How about some hellos for this week?

Hello to 3rd grade and 5th grade. It’s hard for me to believe!

Hello to brand new {awesome} teachers.

Hello trying to get to bed on time.

Hello trying to get up on time!

Hello chalkboard placemats. Love! You can find them here.

Hello doodling sweet messages for a new year.

Hello tablecloth found at a thrift store.

Hello sunflowers–perfect for fall.

Hello chicken tacos and spaghetti with meatballs on our dinner menu this week.

Hello making lots so we have leftovers.

Hello crock pot. I’m getting inspired to use you again.

Hello new recipes to try.

Hello new dark hair. I’m not sure what I think yet!

Hello wearing scarves in my hair. Fun and easy.

Hello brand new week. Hello new beginning. I love a fresh start–don’t you?