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hello monday {anniversary getaway, santa barbara}

July 16th | hello monday

Hello friends! It’s Monday after a weekend away with Steve to celebrate our 13th anniversary. It was wonderful! Here are some pics from our weekend and some hellos for this brand new week!

Hello coffee. I drank so much of it this week. To me, coffee and relaxing go hand in hand!

Hello reading. I read Austenland  {again} over the weekend. So fun! Now I’m starting on Kite Runner.

Hello to cherishing the time I got to spend with him. So good!

Hello to coming back to the real world, filled with lots to do and not enough time to do it!

Hello little sunbathing turtle. You are so sweet.

Hello to being back home with my sweet boys. I missed them so much!

Hello heart-shaped leaf. Love is everywhere, you just have to look for it!

Hello to washing sheets and getting ready for my mom and sisters to visit. Hooray!

Hello gorgeous fabrics at Raoul in Santa Barbara. I was seriously inspired!

Hello menu planning and kids to cuddle.

Hello brand new week!

26 Responses

  1. Jane says:

    Happy Anniversary! Enjoy the snuggles with the kids now that you’re back from your relaxing and restful weekend away.

  2. mary. says:

    so glad you had such a great anniversary weekend! have a great week:)

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  4. Amanda says:

    I’ve heard the Kite Runner is really good!

  5. Anne says:

    Austenland was a fun read…recently saw Shannon Hale wrote Midnight in Austenland (Jan 2012). I haven’t read it yet…but plan to….it might be worth checking out…..

  6. Lauren says:

    Happy Monday! So glad to hear that I’m not the only Austenland reader out there! Can’t wait to check out Midnight in Austenland now!

  7. deborah says:

    Anniversary trips are the best! Getting to spend time with my husband always makes me happy!

    This is my first time to link up. I hopped over from My Pink Life. I love the Hello Monday idea! I thought it was great fun to write a post in the hello format! Thanks for the fun idea and the link up!

  8. Victoria says:

    Awwww, great time away! Happy anniversary to you two. Enjoy your visit from your mom and sister!

  9. Becs says:

    Happy Monday and happy anniversary! Love that heart shaped leaf. Have fun with your family. :)

  10. Rita Barton says:

    I’m linking up with you! I’m so glad you had a lovely weekend and the weather cooperated!

  11. Always love your “hello monday” posts. Just thought you might like to know (if you haven’t heard already) that they are making an Austenland movie. I’m just *slightly* excited! :-)

  12. CuppaKim says:

    happy anniversary. your weekend truly looks lovely.

    that cute little turtle just made me smile. :)

  13. Angela says:

    so glad you were able to spend a weekend in santa barbara! it’s our favorite weekend getaway! thanks for hosting the hello monday! it’s a fun post for the week and so creative!

  14. sandra says:

    Lovely pics as usual Lisa.
    I agree, relaxing and coffee perfectly together!

  15. tiffany day says:

    hello lisa!

    thank you for always being faithful to Hello Monday!

    i love starting my week with this!

    have a great week!


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  17. Kelli says:

    Hello to….nothing planned! This week my husband is on standby for jury duty, so we are just planning to enjoy each day as it comes. Ahhh.

  18. Love your hello Monday posts. :) Need to join in one of these days. Happy Anniversary! Hope you have an awesome week!

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  20. emily hope says:

    happy anniversary! we’ll celebrate 13 in January.
    a weekend away sounds lovely. for now, a morning coffee date will do 😉

  21. ashy says:

    hey Lisa, new reader n linker to ur blog. Happy anniversary to you :)
    following u on blog loving, follow me back on GFC if u like :)

  22. Pam says:

    I just reread Austenland too. I was hoping to read Midnight in austenland, but was too late to run to the store, so I picked up an old favorite instead.

    Looks like you had a great weekend.

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