one giant giveaway! {camera goodies– CLOSED}

I’m so excited to giveaway not one, but TWO of these amazing camera-themed prize packages! There is so much FUN stuff in these prize packs–I want one for myself! It’s one of my favorite Jo Totes bags with a camera and accessories. Yes, please!

Two lucky winners will take home a Missy Mint Camera Bag by JoTotes, a beautiful print designed by Naptime Diaries, a Fujifilm Instamax Mini camera & film, an adorable pouch for your film in by Pleated Poppy, A camera strap from Gussy Sews & a Through My Lens necklace from my shop! So fun.

This giveaway is sponsored by the following: The Pleated Poppy, The TomKat studio, Arian Armstrong, Shannon Hearts, JoTotes, Little Miss Momma, The Shine Project, Naptime Diaries, Gussy Sews & Lisa Leonard Designs.

Enter to win below:
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  1. Thank you for doing this giveaway! The wonders of technology that you can do this while in Berlin! Hope you’re having a fab time!

  2. Would almost look as good as Lisa Leonard with this, and I could post my ‘what I’m wearing today’ pics too 🙂

  3. Lisa- as a teacher- this is just what I need to capture those special moments in my classroom- AND I can take the pic and send home with my students!! Love It!!! Plus- I will be stylin’ with that lovely bag and jewelry!! Fingers Crossed!!!

  4. I am so excited about this prize package! I have been trying to save up for my daughters birthday to buy her a camera, because she’ lives taking pictures and making displays as she’s trying to make money!
    She has struggled with finding a hobby because of her health conditions she is not able to be involved in sports. She would absolutely live love this and it would give her just what she needs to activate her special talents! Can’t wait to hear who wins! 😉

  5. Oh this is wonderful! What a great opportunity and thank you for this great opportunity! Thank you! Hope I get picked 🙂

  6. This is a wonderful giveaway! And it just so happens that I need a camera bag because mine is practically falling apart! 😀

  7. I would LOVE to win! The Missy in any color is on my wishlist, but I adore mint so that would be awesome! The necklace is too sweet. Love it all!

  8. Seriously? Is this real life?! Ah! most amazing giveaway ever! I found your blog from Jo Totes, and it’s the cutest ever! Thanks for the opportunity!

  9. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win these amazing gifts! As a beginner in photography (halfway through my classes towards a certificate), I would LOVE to win something like this to get me started :). Thanks again and here’s to hoping on being lucky on this one 🙂

  10. This is an awesome giveaway.. I would love to win this as my camera bag just broke. Im a single mom so buying a new camera bag is not on my top priority list right now..

    Thanks and good luck to everyone 😉

  11. What an awesome giveaway! Would love to have the camera bag for our new camera. It would be the perfect bag and give us more convenience with carrying our camera since we have a new baby on the way! Crossing my fingers that I win! Thanks so much for hosting it!

  12. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!!! I do birth photography and need a Jo Totes bag but can’t purchase one right now. This would be incredible to win! The whole prize pack is amazing! Thank you!!!

  13. Would love this prize have been wanting a bag love Jo totes saving up for one of my own 🙂 Thanks for the entry chance to win!

  14. Must. Have. I have been trying to find the perfect camera bag for months now and I was about to go buy an instax sometime this week too. This has to be fate!!

  15. Wow! Yes please! We are about to move house so it would be amazing to win this cool prize to help record our new adventure. Thank you so much. Xx

  16. What a spectacular giveaway! I love every item in it – and i ma very excited to be introduced to some of these new facebook pages – while I have know of many of them learning about new ones is always exciting. Al are very talented

  17. Love Jo Totes 🙂 Would love to get to check out the rest of the items 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  18. This would be a lucky day winning these gorgeous products! Thank you for this opportunity. Oxox -Paula

  19. This is incredible!!! Thank you for the chance. When and where will the winner (me, I dearly hope) be announced?

  20. Wow, great giveaway!! I could defiantly use a camera bag and that color is just me. Thank you for the chance to win.

  21. Oh be still my heart… seriously A-mazing giveaway! Good luck all! Thanks for the awesome giveaway ladies.) xx

  22. This giveway will be perfect!!I was looking for a bag in mint color to match my mint wedges…and i like too the one for the makeup brushes!You have a good taste in choosing giveways!!

  23. Love…love…love all the items in this giveaway! It would be the perfect end of school year gift for this tired teacher! 🙂

  24. I love it when I get to find new fb pages to like! Thank you so much for the opportunity to win this very cool prize package!

  25. What a giveaway! I need a camera back b/c DH keeps taking the camera coat off and then dropping it. I guess the crochet flowers on that were a mistake…

  26. Such a wonderful giveaway! I just got a DSLR camera in October and am slowly learning more and more about photography.I’m currently carrying my camera in the Nikon bag that it came with – I really need to up my style factor and this giveaway would do just that!!! Have a wonderful day!

  27. All the other other giveaways I have been able to respond. But I am not on Face Book. I know its just takes me time away from what is right in front of me. My family. I would love to enter for it for my camera so needs a proper carry bag and this whole package looks amazing. So can it be done any other way?? BlessingS Suezanne

  28. FaNtastiC!!!! I strongly desire a Jo Totes bag – esp for some upcoming travel I have in July & Sept. My daughter’s been begging for an Instamax Mini because she’s taken interest in my photography. We want to use it for our July trip to San Fran. Wow this package would be a TOTAL treat!!! Love!!

  29. This would be the most wonderful and exciting thing in the world to win…. I could never buy this for myself. Thank you, Lisa for making this contest possible!

  30. Thank you for an amazing giveaway. I am in love. What beautiful prizes. Good luck to everyone.

  31. Wow! These are each amazing – but the entire package is so lovely! I would love to win…

  32. My fingers are crossed as tight as they will go 🙂 !!! I LOVE you stuff, I have a necklace that I haven’t taken off in over a yr. And don’t get me started on Ashley, she is amazing!

  33. Wow. That would be incredible. Going to England for my 50th bday. This would come in handy!!

  34. Hermoso seria bello poder tener la bendicion de ganar!!!! Gracias por la posibilidad de participar…

  35. What cool stuff! Would love to have this lovely collection as I tried to enter to win this contest but the entry system is not working now. I will try again.

    Warm regards,

  36. Oh my goodness! I live the Jo Tote’s bag. It has been on my camera essentials wish list! Thanks for hosting the giveaway. Fingers crossed and lucky pennies.

  37. This would be amazing, I’m always forgetting my camera is in my purse and I knock it against the walls which causing me to leave it home. This bag would be amazing

  38. Wowza!! What a package! What a great group of sponsors. I would love any one of these things, let alone the whole set.

  39. Wow! What a positively lovely giveaway! And I love all of the sponsor’s shops! Fingers super duper crossed! Thanks so much for this every one!

  40. What an awesome giveaway! I’ve been lax on my photography and this would totally re-engerize my photography.

  41. What a generous givaway with fab prizes! Glad to see instant cameras have been making a come back lately, & that bag is gorgeous. Thank you for the opportunity!

  42. Thank you for the giveaway opportunity. I Have been drooling over that purse for months. It is a great bag.

  43. PLEASE BLESS this military wife and mom with a special treat… thank you for the give awaysssss :))

  44. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!! So very excited about this giveaway!! Love it all!! I just blogged about a similar bag of Lindsey’s on my Saturday’s Pinterest Finds post! I saw it earlier last week and fell in <3 with it!! I'm a huge fan of your jewelry, Gussy Sews, Pleated Poppy already and own several pieces from you all. Thanks for the giveaway!

  45. What a fun prize pack!! I’ve never seen that mini camera and film set before and I had no idea Gussy Sews makes strap covers so I’m really excited, thank you.

  46. Oh my goodness, what a great giveaway!That fuji instax has been on my list forever. And I love the pouch to store the film – great idea!

  47. This bag is SOOOO cute! I love taking pictures and having fun with them, and what better way to do it than with this gift set!

  48. What an AMAZING giveaway! This Mamarazzi(Paparazzi)would love to win this 🙂 Picture taking is my passion <3

  49. SO much goodness in this giveaway! I’ve been a long-time fan of each and every person behind these products.

  50. Love your jewelry and LOVE this giveaway! I can just picture my organized photographer self toting this bag to make some memories!

  51. This is such a great giveaway. Thank you for the opportunity!! The camera would be so fun to have!

  52. I would just LOVE to have this for myself. But, if i was to win i would share this gift with my dearest friend because I know she would live even more that I.

  53. Would love this goodie bag! I have been ogling the Missy Mint bag since seeing you carry it on your blog! love love love!!

  54. Love all the cute items featured in the contest…Would love the camera and bag for a budding photographer practicing documenting her summer! Thank you for the opportunity!

  55. I LOVE every single item and would be so grateful to win. I’ve always wanted a film camera and would be so excited to start with this. I love your blog and being introduced to so many wonderful products!

  56. This is too good to be true!! I LOVE every single item and would be so grateful and thankful to win. I’ve always wanted a film camera and would be so excited to start with this. I love your blog and being introduced to so many wonderful products!

  57. Oh I would LOVE to win this!! This is amazing and what fun to take so many pictures now that the kids have summer break!! Thanks for this awesome give a way!!!

  58. This is SO exciting! I have been wanting that Jo Totes bag for so long!!! That Pleated Poppy pouch is my current favourite in Lindsay’s shop too. I could gush over everything in this packet, it’s amazing! I would LOVE to win!!!

  59. Oh Lisa…you have really outdone yourself with this giveaway! Looks like the best one yet! I am in desperate need of a new camera bag. Thank you for pulling this together!

  60. Swoon!!!!
    I have been following your blog on my feed – so I hadn’t seen how cute your header is – love it!!!!

  61. This looks like an amazing giveaway. I’m really upset though because apparently you can only enter if you’re on Facebook which I’m not and have no desire to be. I still enjoy your blog anyway!

  62. So many cool things in this giveaway! I particularly love the camera bag and the pouch from pleated poppy. I’m loving her new gold line! I just got a DSLR a year ago and so I’m still building my camera paraphernalia collection. Thanks so much for doing this giveaway!

  63. Wow! Would I ever love to win this package. I need that camera bag. Thanks for the opportunity.

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