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westwood, los angeles

November 1st | adventures, david, family, finding beauty



ucla is located right in the middle of westwood

so there are lots of little shops and restaurants within walking distance of the hospital.

it was kind of surreal to be surrounded by monitors and nurses and medication

and then step outside into sunshine and charming, tree-lined streets.



i got to sneak out for an hour here or there just to get a break.

i stayed all night with david in the hospital and most of the day

so  little sunshine was great for my sanity!




there is lots of interesting architecture and colorful tile.

so many little restaurants i’d love to try out some time.



ok, that was the biggest pigeon i’ve ever seen!

and i love the old school bel-air camera sign. i didn’t have any time to go inside though.



it felt so good to wander the streets a little

and explore a new neighborhood.



I love those tile steps {above right}. especially the vintage black tile.



i love birds. but you already knew that.



steve and i got chiptole for lunch one day.

it was great to get a little time together in the middle of so much stress.

and while it was hard to leave david, the nurses were amazing.




i kinda fell in love with the buffalo exchange.

it’s a high end thrift store with lots of vintage finds.

i’ll share a few treasures soon.

and diddy reese–um, homemade ice cream sandwiches.

delicious!! is your mouth watering??

* * *

have you discovered any new little restaurants or shops lately??

13 Responses

  1. lisa, i especially love that picture of you and steve. it is so clear the love between you two and, through all that you have been through with life and with david…i can only imagine how close you are (but it looks as close as i imagine it to be in your picture).

    so glad you got some time out of the hospital and that david had such great care.

    aaand, i love the vintage tiles, too. looks a lot like mexico to me.


  2. tiffany day says:

    OMG – we were minutes away from each other! I work so close to Westwood Village – I have eaten at lots of those places and yes Diddy- Reese – amazing and so inexpensive – right??? Under different circumsances it would have been GREAT to try and meet up! Just kind of crazy you were somewhere so close.

    Anyway – so glad to hear you are home and that David is doing well! And so glad this is behind you!

    Hoping you get to do something really nice for yourself soon to de-stress a bit!

    Have a great day!

  3. My old stomping grounds :)

    If you are looking for someplace to eat the next couple of days (I think you are still there a bit longer) Damon and Pythias, which is right near Chipotle, is really tasty.

    And, oh, diddy reese…

  4. Joni Lane says:

    i was hoping you visited diddy-reese! and yes, you totally made my mouth water. delish! glad you are out enjoying some beauty.

  5. EricaG says:

    Such beautiful little nooks! I haven’t been to your blog in a few weeks, so I’m delighted to see that your son is on the mend. The costume pictures are so wonderful. Prayers going up for your family.

  6. IndiviJewels says:

    Love the birds photo.

  7. Lea Culp says:

    So glad you had a little time away. Love the photos! Blessings to you and yours!

  8. Amanda says:

    That’s a wonderful picture of you and your husband! And I’m so happy to hear that David is doing well!

  9. Jenny says:

    Oh that sounds wonderful, Lisa. The pictures are great, so journalistic… “an hour in the life of Lisa”. I’m glad that you got to see the sun a bit and had some time with your husband. What a great photo of the two of you.

  10. Sarah says:

    I was going to suggest diddy reese….ohh, the things i miss from westwood. diddy reese is a favorite!

  11. Lisa — you amaze me that in the midst of the challenge and stress of David’s surgery you were able to see the loveliness around you!

    The pictures you share here are so neat — thank you! And continued prayers for David’s great recovery.


  12. Renae Reis says:

    Hope you went to Diddy Riese, I mean seriously! Who can sell ice cream sandwiches so cheap? My trip to LA from Nebraska is not complete until I visit there!! So good to know you got a chance to see Westwood and get a break from the inside of the hospital. You’ll have to take David back there someday so he can see what he missed!

  13. Tetcy says:

    Heyneat, my chairs are in the window !
    We discovered the UpTown Cafe in our little town. The kitchen is in the middle of the room and the weekend dinners are ethnic theme dinners. We had Singapore fare last weekend. All the food comes in little side dishes…6 or 7 courses. Next week is Morocco!!
    Glad David and ya’ll came through so well!

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