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we’re in england!

August 11th | adventures, family

we made it london a couple days ago and we are having so much fun!

the boys did really well on the flight over. they didn’t fuss at all and we kept them busy with movies, video games on the ipad and headphones. the only problem? david hardly slept at all on the red eye flight. when we arrived at london/heathrow airport i was ready to curl up in a corner and get some sleep!

steve’s mom is from england and although she has been in the states for years, he still has family over here. his aunt and cousins picked us up from the airport. matthias and david couldn’t wait to meet their english cousins–and they have been having a ball!

there has been lots and lots of coloring. and some arguing over who gets to hold david on their lap and who gets to push his stroller {or pram if you’re british!} they are so absolutely darling. i keep joking that i am going to try to find room in my suitcase and sneak these sweet girls back to the states with me!

and they are brilliant artists as well!

we’ve slept until noon both days so far, but tomorrow we are determined to get up at a decent hour and make breakfast our first meal of the day {instead of lunch!}.  we’ve got some adventures planned for the next few days–i can’t wait to tell you about them.

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  1. Katy says:

    hey lisa! i was just thinking about your trip the other day and wondering how you are doing with the riots and everything?!

  2. Heather says:

    Oh – do try to get some video of the little girls speaking! I adore little girls with British accents! :) Have fun!

  3. Jess says:

    That’s so cute that everyone is fighting over David! I bet he is loving the attention!

  4. Sarah says:

    Have fun~be safe!

  5. Jamey says:

    I’m a Londoner myself – glad you and your family are enjoying our lovely city! Hope the unrest of the past few days hasn’t put you off. It’s normally peaceful and calm! Thankfully things are returning to normal now. Enjoy the sights!

  6. Sharon says:

    My daughter just got back from England! She loved it as I am sure you will. She had some fantastic Indian food in London.

  7. Lori-Anne says:

    *Sigh* Thanks for bringing us along… :)

  8. Dan says:

    Have you had a proper English tea yet?

  9. Margaret says:

    So pleased you’re having a great time with your English family. I’m trying to recognise where those last couple of photos are…

  10. Emilie Tonn says:

    So envious! I wanted to travel abroad before starting a family, but family came first. Your post inspires me to dream of traveling…. Enjoy yourselves!

  11. So glad you have this time… and more than a little jealous of your British adventures. <3

  12. Kelly H-Y says:

    What a trip! So glad you’re getting to take this family adventure!

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