yesterday we took a car

to the train

to the underground

to a boat

and then walked 10 blocks and saw some of the big london sites.

the kids loved getting to ride the train, the underground and the boat. and steve and i got a great workout carrying david and his stoller up and down all kinds of stairs!

we saw the london eye and big ben

lots of bridges

there are helpful signs every where reminding tourists to look right or left for traffic. the opposite of what we’re used to!

before dinner we all got super tired and cranky. matthias was so grumpy when we told him to go stand in the phone booth. that’s his best pretend smile. but after dinner we all perked up and we were ready for more fun!

we played in trafalgar square at sunset. i will always remember the kids having so much fun climbing all over the lions with a beautiful sunset behind them.

and then we walked a couple blocks

to take the underground

to the train

to our car

and back to our room where we slept hard!

where is somewhere in the world you want to go and see the sites?