loving this pic i shot just outside the hospital in LA.

i love that they are all squished together.

togetherness is a good thing, i think.

last night we enjoyed some good family time and yummy mexican food.

feeling anxious to move beyond david’s little surgery and back into our regular routine.

i’ll keep you updated!

* * *

{updated} we are home from the hospital and david did great.

i was so exhausted i feel asleep for almost two hours!

they were able to remove the whole lump (they think)

it was 1.5 inches l0ng-extending way back into the sinus on the left side.Β  insane!

and the surgeon told us he feel confident it is benign, but they will biopsy it to be sure.

yay!Β  so glad we are past this hurdle.

david was such a sweetheart-so patient and easygoing.

david and daddy are crashed out on the couch.

i’m thinking about ordering pizza for dinner?!

thank you so much for your prayers!!