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this + that {weekend!!}

November 5th | david, family, finding beauty


these little flowers were just outside the hospital

and i took a few minutes last week to snap them.

i love the close-up detail. so pretty.



david is doing fabulous!

we are so excited to see him smiling and playing.

he’ll be out of school for a few weeks until the bones in his chest heal.

but he really seems like himself–silly and playful.

he’s just a little more tired than usual.




my mom was admitted to the hospital a couple days ago.

looks like she is on the mend and on her way home soon,

but it’s just been a crazy couple of weeks!!




i’m ready for some routine around here.

we are getting there little by little.

{check back tomorrow for a fun saturday special!!}

* * *

this weekend will involve some hardcore relaxing.

and a lot of laundry!

what do you have planned this weekend?

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  1. Lisa McGriff says:

    Glad your baby is doing so well! My plans for the weekend are to decorate a Hannah Montana 4th Birthday Cake, an Alabama Football Birthday Cake for 3 young men and a 55th wedding anniversary cake with a beautiful fall theme… Spend time with my hubby and CLEAN MY HOUSE!

  2. Amy Mumaw says:

    LOTS OF LAUNDRY!!! It is never ending:)

  3. JD says:

    Grateful that David’s recovery is going well — praying for him, and for your mom too.

    This weekend, we start our adoption classes tomorrow, on my birthday. Can’t imagine a sweeter gift. Sunday is full of worship, Bible study groups, and family time.

  4. Stephanie says:

    That’s wonderful news about David! It’s just amazing how quickly bounce back. My daughter had the same surgery at six months of age. By the time she was home from the hospital you would never have known by her behavior what she had just been through. No discomfort, no fussing at all. Wow, I’m getting teary now!

  5. Piper says:

    Still praying for David everyday and trusting God for a full recovery! So thankful that he’s on the mend.

  6. Gina says:

    OOOhhh…wish you hadn’t used the “L” word. I need to get up from here and get chores done and the house ready for the weekend – I work Sat and Sun. Today, tho, lunch with a pretty college girl who is coming home for the day! (: Hugs and health to you and yours!

  7. Margie Brown says:

    So glad to hear David is bouncing right back after his surgery! I am taking a Holiday Breadmaking class tommorow for a few hours! Hoping to learn new techniques and recipes as I already make my own homemade wheat bread.

  8. sarita says:

    So happy things are going well for you and your family Lisa …God is Good!
    Plans for the weekend , well clean house and organize some paper work that needs filing.. then enjoy some awesome fall weather we are having ….be blessed my friend…

  9. Suzanne says:

    Such wonderful news about David!

    The laundry fairy will be visiting our house as well! My daughter is celebrating her 13th birthday next weekend but her party will be tonight. And we have some boy scout events too. Lots going on but hoping for some down time with the kids – I’m angling for family movie night on Saturday!

  10. karyn b says:

    So-so glad that David is doing well and your mom too. I’m happy for you and Steve that the heart surgery is successfully behind you. Been thinking of you a lot during this time. I’ll try to call soon.
    xoxo ~Karyn

  11. Michele says:

    David is such a reilient little boy. It’s amazing! Sorry to hear about your mom but glad she’s on the mend. Life never seems to slow down, does it? I love your photos. What kind of lens do you use? I purchsed a DSLR but the kit lens is just not working any magic and I think I need to upgrade. This weekend we’re celebrating my oldest sons fourth birthday–Toy Story 3 theme. He’s so excited and wakes up every morning asking, “Is it Saturday yet?”. Enjoy your weekend and good luck with the laundry. Me vs. the Laundry…it’s a battle I always lose!

  12. Tetcy says:

    This weekend….sausage dinner at church…and then a vintage card making workshop with some friends. Laundry…done yesterday :) Yeay weekend…..I’ve missed you.

  13. tiffany day says:

    hi – so so so very happy to hear that David is doing so well!! The power of love and prayer!!

    my weekend is a mix of alot of this and that; laundry and cleaning; celebrating my mom’s birthday and some errands feeling the need to get ready for the holidays!!! Making plans and lists… I love it!

    have a GREAT relaxing weekend!!!

  14. Denise C. says:

    So good to hear that David is doing well! Yay!!! What happened to your Mom? Is she ok? I’ll keep you in my thoughts. :)

    This weekend….finish painting our hallways & stairwells. Vacuum dog hair. Pick up kids toys. Vacuum up dog hair. Smoke a pork shoulder, for pulled pork sammies (my husband does this & it is AMAZING!!!). And yes….vacuum up dog hair. :)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  15. Cait says:

    All of my weekend plans have been cancelled. I spent last night in the hospital and have been diagnosed with gall stones- not serious, but very annoying. I convinced the doctor to let me go home by promising to take it easy and come back right away if I spike a fever or start feeling (more) pain.

  16. liz r. says:

    So glad David is doing well! Sending good wishes to your mom, too.

    If the weather stays nice then this weekend I am going to rake some leaves.

  17. Margaret Scott says:

    Well, it’s Guy Fawkes Night here in England which means a lot of firework displays this weekend, always fun! Good to hear David’s recovery is so good and get well wishes to your mom. Have a happy one x

  18. You have had a busy couple of weeks, Lisa. I hope you enjoy your relaxing this weekend. My goal this weekend is to ‘wing’ it with my fab family. We don’t usually do that, we are quite structured (in a good way), but this weekend the schedule is clear and so I am wanting to ‘wing’ it…..One thing I want to do it make hot chocolate and use my new heart shaped pink/white marshmallows!! Mmmm

  19. You have had a busy couple of weeks, Lisa. I hope you enjoy your relaxing this weekend. My goal this weekend is to ‘wing’ it with my fab family. We don’t usually do that, we are quite structured (in a good way), but this weekend the schedule is clear and so I am wanting to ‘wing’ it…..One thing I want to do it make hot chocolate and use my new heart shaped pink/white marshmallows!! Mmmm

  20. kristyn says:

    So happy David is doing so well! And you made it through, mom!
    I’m looking forward to living without a schedule this weekend, so I can sew, knit, do laundry, and sit with my kids! Blessing to you all.

  21. Robbin says:

    Looking to relax this weekend, not that last week wasn’t relaxing – we were in SLO and it was just a nice time of hanging out with friends and family for football, food, fellowship. This weekend, my daughter and I are going to a M*A*S*H Q&A time at Paramount Studios. So fun to go to things like this. This is my speed – go and sit and listen. She can have the crowds and picture taking and loudness. But it’s nice to be close enough to do things like this with her. LAs not so bad after all.

  22. Kristi F says:

    I will be working because we are way behind at my job :( At least I have a job though!

  23. Marissa says:

    Sounds great…glad to hear he is doing well! Enjoy your relaxing weekend!

  24. Lea Culp says:

    You deserve some real “hard core” relaxing and I do hope you get it. So good to hear David is doing so well. The pictures are beautiful! Blessings!

  25. Nicole says:

    So happy to hear David is doing well. God is good! Enjoy your relaxing weekend. This weekend a group of us teachers and paras are going to a craft show in another state. Granted, we only have to drive an hour and a half to get there. But, I’m pretty excited.

    Have a Lovely Day,

  26. Marcia says:

    I’m so glad to hear your sweet David is doing so well and that your mom is on the mend. I hope you enjoy your weekend and really get to relax!

  27. Cara says:

    What a blessing that David is doing well and getting stronger every day! Hope your Mom continues to improve too — let her know that the Stewart family (especially Cade!) is praying for her :)

  28. So thankful your little guy is doing so well. Hope you have a very restful weekend.

  29. Sallie says:

    I had a great “sister’s weekend” with my two beautiful sisters.

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