On one of our last days of summer all the cousins went swimming at the neighbor’s house. It was the same afternoon as my aunt and uncle’s 50th wedding anniversary celebration–so aunts and sisters and grandpa sat around talking and sipping sodas while the kids splashed. Pretty much perfect.
Looking at these pictures makes me feel so sad. I’m actually tearing up! The cousins are getting so BIG! And summers go way too fast. I wish I could slow it down.
Last night at dinner, Matthias told Steve and I that he’ll no longer be calling us ‘Mommy and Daddy’ we are now simply ‘Mom and Dad’. Sigh. I love that he is getting bigger. I love that he not only thinks about these things but tells us about it so openly.
So since I can’t slow it down, I guess I’ll just soak it up. Starting with this moment. I’m off to cuddle my kids {while they’ll still let me!}