It’s back to school today for the boys and back to the workshop for me. We had a good break filled with lots of family time. I want to say it was perfect and magical and I soaked up every minute, but the truth is, alongside the beautiful was some challenging and difficult stuff.

We flew to Omaha to see Steve’s family and it was great. Many memories were made with the cousins and we had lots of downtime to relax, nap, play video games and watch movies. One really hard part of our trip was David’s congestion. He was fighting a cold and was pretty miserable–especially in the evenings and into the wee hours of the morning. Some nights he was up until 2am crying and hysterical at times.

My family came to our home for New Year’s weekend and I worked hard to get lots of beds made and the house cleaned. I grocery shopped and planned a few fun activities. We counted down the minutes to their arrival. My sisters are incredibly helpful with my boys {especially David} and everyone pitched in for meals and clean-up. We had some sweet conversations and time to stroll around downtown and shop. We ate at the Apple Farm and saw the movie Tintin {loved it}. But one day into their stay, my twin nieces came down with the stomach flu and threw up for about 24 hours. A houseful of company combined with my germ-phobia made me feel like a stress case and while I was able to relax and laugh at times, I also had moments of feeling like I might come completely unraveled.

On New Year’s Day we drove to Montana de Oro after lunch and enjoyed a chilly, foggy hour at the beach. I love the ocean, it feeds my soul.

So I can’t say it was a perfect holiday, but amidst the craziness a lot of honesty and bonding happened–and if I can let go of my {sometimes} unrealistic expectations, those things bring us closer together as a family. And that is a beautiful thing.

How do you let go of expectations and let things be imperfect?