we’ve had such a mix of sunshine and sprinkles this week.

the sunshine, green hills and wildflowers are making me long for spring.

and the clouds and sprinkles make me long for a nap.

and after i nap, i want candy.

well, let’s face it nap or no nap, i want candy.




this picture so does NOT do justice to the beautiful fields of wildflowers we pass on or drive to school every day.





david is doing great.

super energetic and playful and such a rascal!

i feel like i spend half the day chasing him and the other half kissing him.

makes me a happy, tired mama.



matthias and i made brownies yesterday.

and i found this little owl at a consignment shop.

and i got the sweetest, aqua casserole dish.




our neighbors lemon tree is starting to ripen.

hope they don’t mind me taking pictures over the fence.

and matthias is all about push-up popsicles lately.


* * *

and thank you for your comments yesterday

thanks for your comments everyday-they are a sweet part of my day.

sending you sunshine and wildflowersΒ  (and candy) today.