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special breakfast

September 19th | decorating, DIY, family

On Saturday morning I made our usual chocolate chip pancakes, but this breakfast was extra special because I set the table for fall and used these darling chalkboard placemats.

Leslie sent me a set and they are so fun! The chalkboards are so smooth and erase nicely. I drew a different fall-ish picture on each placemat.

In the center of the table I put a few pumpkins, apples and fresh flowers. Super simple, but it made it feel special–and it made it feel like fall!

I know kids would love to decorate their own placemats too. So fun!

You can buy your own chalkboard placemats here. Love it!

Do you have any special dishes or traditions to make a meal feel special every now and then?

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  1. LOVD says:

    Love the placemats and your artistic scribbles! Every Valentine’s Day we break out the good china, silver, and crystal and eat in the dining room with the best linens – all lit by candlelight. The dining room is so under-utilized since we have an eat-in kitchen that we like to use it beyond the norm like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter.

  2. LOVD says:

    Oh, the room is lit by candlelight, not the linens (thank goodness).

  3. Amanda says:

    So beautiful and fun! Fall is exciting!

  4. Mary Beth says:

    Love your place mats – and table scape!
    The way I make a meal special is full fat butter.
    Sorry – but I couldn’t resist and it is the truth.

  5. Noticed these in your last post. Thanks for sharing your source AND love your table cloth. Is it just burlap??? Thanks.

  6. Susan says:

    We try to always light candles on the table and have cloth napkins- that’s a daily thing to make it special. We also made our kitchen eating area into a play area for the kids, that way we always use the dining room. Before that, we pretty much never used the dining room, even for holidays. Now, every meal is there! Now, if I could just remember to break out the Christmas dishes at Christmas time. It always just seems like too much work for a day or two. Maybe I should use them for the whole month of December?! Idea!!!!

  7. kristen says:

    oh, lisa, what an awesomely autumnal table!

    it’s still hitting the mid-90’s daily here in austin, but with the official first day of fall coming friday, i’m sooo ready for any inkling of it at all!

    i bought a set of the placemats before i even reached the close of your post. :)

    & i’ve added pumpkins & flowers to my weekly shopping list. :)

    thank you, as ever, for your uber-creative & inspirational self — & take good care of you; i hope you’re feeling better following your dr.’s visit today!!

  8. Jess says:

    Those chalkboard place mats are the cutest! I love it!

  9. Angela says:

    Hi Lisa! I don’t know if this is where I need to comment re: LMM / LL giveaway, but I guess I should start here! I lost my twin baby girls, Aubrey Faith & Finley Grace last March, so if I won the gift cards, I would purchase 2 of the lovebird wall hangings with my daughters’ names. I plan on using that in my Christmas tree on what would have been their first Christmas this year. I would also purchase one more that says “Hope” because that is what we are hanging on to in our process of trying to have another baby. I’m currently doing a Redecoration series on my blog so I would love to feature them there! Hope I get picked!

  10. Stopping by from LMM – these place mats are SOOO stinkin’ cute! And I loved the embellishments you made on those flats the other day. They are darling! :)

  11. Robin says:

    Thanks Lisa!! I ordered them right away!!
    Robin in the UP.

  12. Claire says:

    Oh how wonderful! I love the settings and the placemat!


  13. Pam says:

    I’m so happy those place mats are available, they are great. I must say thanks for telling us about Leslie, love knitting & it’s a cute blog.

  14. Sarah-Anne says:

    that is too cool!! 😀 what a neat idea…you can just wipe them clean when you’re done.

  15. Heather G. says:

    Cutest chalkboard drawings ever!!

  16. Claudine says:

    That is fantastic Lisa — love your creativity — and you made it so easily!!

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