to celebrate the first day of summer, we met up with my sister and her girls in santa barbara last week.

the day involved, cupcakes, the park, the beach, another park, cookies, and lots of silliness.

the kids were exhausted by the end of the day.  it’s not relaxing–but it’s so much fun.

even their new chihuahua, gilbert, joined us. isn’t he cute?!

stick art. i love to see kids being creative!

and of course we collected as much sand as possible–in the cuff of our jeans, pockets, tennis shoes, etc.

so good to celebrate summer and let the kids play and play and play. now i’m ready for a quiet {and long} lunch with my sister!

right now my boys are into coloring, swords, playing piano, sand play, and swimming.

if you have kids, what are they into right now?