steve spoke at a graduation ceremony last week at the san gabriel mission. david won’t sit still quietly enough during a ceremony like that, so i took the kids outside to play. we didn’t actually pay to go inside the mission, but we roamed the grounds and it was so beautiful!

roaming the grounds can also be interpreted to mean ‘chasing after david’. that kid is fast!

we were with friends and all the kids had so much fun exploring. such a contrast between the old historical buildings and the silly, colorful kiddos.

that’s an old mill stone, which can also be used as a launch pad.

we saw lots of iron work, adobe and brickwork.

since i was killing time, while steve spoke, it was great to be in a lovely place where we could soak up a little history.

in california, we study the missions in 4th grade. there are 21 missions in california–built by the spanish to convert the native americans to christianity. the history of missions is very mixed–you can read more about it here.  i remember learning all about them, making adobe bricks, candles and building a model of mission san juan capistrano.

you weren’t expecting a history lesson today were you?!  do you remember any special units you studied in elementary school? what do other states learn about?