we had so much fun camping. and i still have a ton of pictures to share {there will probably be two more posts after this–so brace yourself!}  i thought it would be fun to share some pics from around the campsite.

we camped in santa margarita which gets pretty warm during the summer {it was high 90’s when we were there} but the evenings are cool and beautiful. so our mornings and evenings were spent at the campsite and mid-day we took off for a nearby beach. it worked out perfectly.

the landscape around the campsite was very rural. so lovely.

oh my goodness. the kids were all crazy about otter pops. matthias discovered them on this trip and he couldn’t stop talking about them all. the. time. they are a great treat for a hot day.

david was on the move constantly. which meant either steve or i was chasing him all weekend. but the good thing was i had nothing else to worry about, so it was still pretty relaxing. that little cutie on the right is our friends’ son cooper. i’m in love.

the campsite had a huge air pillow kind of like a trampoline. so fun!

a pretty pinecone.

the evening stars were visible through the top of the tent {david and i slept in the trailer and matthias and steve slept in a tent}. it was a great trip–we’ll definitely plan another soon. mostly i loved being some pretty incredible friends {and the food was amazing too!}

mashmallows, bbq hot dogs, taco stack-up, fresh fruit–what’s your favorite camp food?