we flew kites with david’s class earlier this week.

that’s david’s 1:1 aide and she is an angel. and david loves her {obviously}.

the weather has been amazing.

78* and lovely.

it’s making me long for summer!



we had about 15 college students over monday night for dinner during finals week.

can i just say, i do not miss finals!!

i made taco stack-up. i put 4 lbs of (already cooked) seasoned ground turkey in the crock-pot and

set out bowls of lettuce, beans, chesse, etc.

we served buffet style. easy, peasy.

what’s your go-to dinner for guests?



this little cutie belongs to my real life friend, lindsey.

love that he is sooo well hidden under the table. we had absolutely no idea where he was! 😉



just a couple of pretty pics for your thursday.

i’m working on some big projects this week and making progress.


let’s end today with a ‘would you rather?’

would you rather wake up to birds chirping and the sun shining

OR waves crashing on the beach and cloudy skies??