matthias turned six last week, but because we had a wedding out of town, we celebrated this weekend.

He definitely wanted a power rangers party.  no question about it!

since the party was at two, i just set out some munchies–cheese, crackers, salami, hummus and crackers,

spinach dip and of course cupcakes!




chrissie made this adorable (or should i say AWESOME) banner that read ‘mighty morphin matty’.

she recently started an online shop called handmade play.  it’s perfect for everyday play and party planning.

you can find the banner here.




not sure why, but lightsabers became the hot thing.

last year we had a star wars party, so we have at least 10 lightsabers around the house.

poor steve, he wasn’t expecting to be the ‘bad guy’.

everyone ATTACK matthias’ daddy!!!




it was so fun to have my sister and her girls here.  she way so helpful.

especially when i had my it’s-one-hour-until-the-party-and-the-house-is-a-mess-and-i-have-no-makeup-on freak out.

guess the party wasn’t exciting enough for david–he sacked out.




lots of balloons and paper lanterns.  so cute.





steve taught the kids some power ranger moves.

they all practiced jumping off the wall like power rangers.  it was awesome.

those kids have some moves!




and matthias got so many wonderful gifts.

including a snuggie which he really, really wanted.

and uh, even though they’re a little dorky, i kinda want one too!

cuddling up with a snuggie sounds pretty good right now.

* * *

the weekend was full of party prep and clean up, time with family

and friends, cupcakes and happy kids.

tell me about your weekend.