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it’s okay to break the rules {sometimes}

March 29th | an everyday moment, family

Matthias was having a ball jumping back and forth between the beds at the hotel the other night. I almost told him to stop but instead I decided to let him have fun–and I grabbed my camera. He has some pretty nice form–especially that last one. It almost looks like he’s flying. It’s good to bend the rules sometimes–stay up late, eat too much chocolate, or wear your jammies all day.

Have you let your kids {or yourself} break a rule lately?

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  1. Linda Stoll says:

    I like to eat dessert first.

    But I can’t remember the last time I did it …

    Maybe tonight?

  2. Lisa R. says:

    Love the pictures!!

    I had ice cream for dinner recently.

  3. Alicia says:

    I always tell my boys, “what good is it being the adult if you can’t choose to eat dessert first!” They love it when this happens

  4. Jess says:

    For every thing, there is a season right? Hope you guys are enjoying your trip!!

  5. Tia Davis says:

    Um, I am kinda embarrased to admit it, but my husband and I have been sick all week, and our girl has had her fair share of sugar. We are a healthy eating family and she has been in heaven. Here is an example of our week.
    “Mom, can I get a snack?”
    Lifting my head from my cold medicine fog. “uh-huh. Healthy one.”
    “Oreos have a creamy center, which is like yogurt, so their healthy right?”
    “uh, not really. How about a piece of cheese?”
    “Um, I know! How about some animal crackers? They are crackers, not cookies!”
    “ok. fine. whatever…”
    I will report, that I am slightly more functioning and she had her oatmeal, sausage and fruit for breakfast this morning. I think she kinda wishes I was still sick…

  6. Tia Davis says:

    That thier up there should be “they’re”. Duh.

  7. LOVD says:

    Disclaimer: no child was hurt during the shooting of this photography;-)

    Rules? No stinkin’ rules during spring break!!!! My child has outlasted me when it comes to going to bed every night this week – yikes!

  8. Ciline says:

    Boys + hotel room + beds to jump on + ice machines = best memories of my life. Thanks for the memories!

  9. Kristen says:

    We call this Olympic Bed Jumping in my family. I have some of my most favorite childhood memories Olympic Bed Jumping in Colorado & California with my parents. I am grateful that they allowed me to break the rules. I need to get better about allowing my 3-year old son to break them!

  10. Laura says:


  11. Brenda says:

    You should submit to

    Great pics!!!

  12. all shall be well says:

    Smiling……………great pictures, just like a superhero!

  13. kristy says:

    took my 4 year old daughter to get ice cream…5 pm and we were sitting on a bench grinning ear to ear with our sweet treat. went home and fixed dinner.. made for a wonderful date with my girl.

  14. McKt says:

    I love these shots! We always stayed at the same hotel during Thanksgiving when I was growing up. There really wasn’t anything for kids to do except jump from bed to bed. For an 8 year old it was the highlight of the trip!
    When my husband is out of town one night we rent a movie, put on our pjs, and have a “snack dinner” while watching the movie. The boys love it!

  15. Sheila says:

    It’s things like that that make memories. My kids still talk about the time we went to Split Rock Lighthouse, the park was closed, we snuck onto the grounds to see it better (it was lit on a rare occasion) and one of the adults made guard dog barking noises to scare the kids. Or when we would turn onto the dirt road at Great Grandma’s farm, our son could crawl through the back seat into the trunk for the last quarter mile. Those are wonderful flying pictures, but then we already knew that Matthias is a superhero!

  16. awesome pix.

    i’m learning to break my rules.

    yesterday, i let 10 yr old josie make brownies from start to finish without me. i gave up controlling her, and worrying about mess, or injury, and trusted the girl who, at 10, knows her way around the kitchen. she did awesome and her brownies are delicious!

  17. Mary A. says:

    Those pix are way too cute:) Always breaking the not too much chocolate rule!

  18. Susan says:

    Breaking rules sometimes make for such great memories! Sometimes some of your favorites! :)

  19. Rules are made to be broken, right? Don’t tell my kids I said that. : )

  20. Heather S. says:

    So fun! We did this one year in Colorado Springs. Our girls thought we’d lost our minds actually ENCOURAGING this behavior! LOL
    Two weeks ago I gave up on the idea of a healthy lunch and took the girls for Fro-Yo at Orange Leaf instead. They’ve been telling EVERYONE about it!

  21. kristen says:

    We are gonna be a hotel this weekend. I’ll try to let the kids have a bit of fun, for once. 😉 Love your pics!

  22. Love these shots! SO fun! what a great mom you are~

  23. tiffany day says:

    Hi there! Yes, I have let my kids break the rules lately — recently I have been letting them watch a TV show on their laptops in bed (they are 13 and 12).

    And for me; I have been staying up WAY too late; breaking my bedtime rule 😉


  24. Rachel says:

    Super cute. And the shots you got are great!

  25. I often eat dessert first C:

    With small one, I cheated last week and let her sleep in ‘the big bed’ with me since the husband was away on business. She would be quite happy if we did this every night.

  26. Mrs.B says:

    Oh yeah…we’re Rule Breakers around here!
    Great pics!

  27. jennifer Camplin says:

    fun time!!

  28. Marnie says:

    Love it…we always told our kids it was ok to jump on the bed in a hotel.

  29. Lisa says:

    I ate a donut and a half! That was breaking my personal rule. Great pictures! Sport mode?

  30. Tonya says:

    Gosh, how fun that must have been! I’m horrible about NOT letting my kids break the rules :( I’m no fun at all – well, not really – but I could do a little better in the flexibility department 😉

  31. I had to laugh because we let our two girls do this every single time we stay in a hotel(obviously, they’re quiet and we don’t let it get out of hand). They love it and we have videos of them through the years.

  32. kittykerri says:

    I think this is the most awesome post of photo’s ever!! Mathis definitely has great form!! Who doesn’t wish they could jump from bed to bed in a hotel room every now and then…even as an adult!

  33. Lori-Anne says:

    Oh how fun! My only disapointment is that you weren’t in there with Matthias!!! Or were you, but with the camera hidden away so there’d be no evidence 😉

  34. Fun! This is like the first thing my kids want to do when we go to a hotel. 😉

  35. kristi says:

    great series!

  36. Julie, momto7 says:

    My kids know that hotel beds are the only beds that they CAN jump on, and boy do they take advantage of that on our annual road trip which includes two overnight hotel stays. That’s one rule that is breakable. :)

  37. We let our boys (6, 2) jump on the furniture in our house. Why not? We have an awesome beat up leather ottoman as a coffee table and a well worn over-stuffed couch in our living room and they love, love, love to jump back and forth between the two.

  38. Joanna says:

    These photos make me smile. They do look like your son is flying. Kind of like the necklace i bought from you “I can fly”. It was a Groopdealz offer.

    I think one has to break the rules now and then. It makes life more fun!!

  39. Stefanie says:

    whoa! this is amazing……i love all of these photos!! and I love that you let him jump on the bed. it looks like he had a blast!

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