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hip hip hooray

January 21st | family, san luis obispo

the weather has been insanely warm and beautiful. last weekend was about 70* {in january?!}

so the boys and i hit the beach in cambria. what a gorgeous day. i could hardly take it in!

the boys ran around and played and chased the waves (or the waves chased them!) and then we went into town and got ice cream.

david was crazy–running straight for the water while i was busy shooting pics and then i had to chase him down before a wave clobbered him. so fun to see him playing and growing!

it was just a magical day. i loved it.

hip hip hooray for friday! david’s cardio appt went really well yesterday. today we see the pulmonologist. and we’re making a little time to play, too!

what do you have planned for this weekend?

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  1. Allison says:

    I’m so jealous! Beautiful pictures! Today it’s 20 below here! Our weekend will consist of snuggling by the fireplace, drinking hot chocolate and watching football! Go Packers!

    Happy Friday!

  2. Claudine says:

    You are right — Hip Hip Hooray!! Magic happens all the time with kids, as long as we take the time to see and enjoy it!

    I adore that first picture with the word “play” how very appropriate for us all!!


  3. tara says:

    So glad you are receiving good news! We will be sitting by the fire and also enjoying sweet friends! It’s suppose to be negative 19 at night this weekend. Brrr..

  4. FunkySteph says:

    I am really glad to read that David is doing good and that you all have great time.
    Tomorrow for us is Burns Supper!
    Take care!

  5. Robin says:

    I am so jealous also! I would LOVE to be on the beach right now and not have 5 feet of snow to shovel to get to it! Our temp is 6 degrees but the sun is SHINING!! so yes, hip, hip, hooray for Fiday!!

  6. kristen says:

    Please, please frame that pic of you and your boys!

  7. wendy says:

    Yep… totally jealous! -22 when I woke up this morning! Even took a pic of our thermometer and posted it on my blog for any non-believers ☺. Yay, glad the Dr. Appointment went well. And this weekend, in-laws are coming from out of town to celebrate my little guys 7th birthday! Have a fabulous one yourself!!

  8. Melissa says:

    Oh, I miss the central coast! My parents are in Pismo and call to brag about the glorious weather! We are expecting a cold, snowy weekend in Denver. Dig up a sand crab for me!

  9. Beautiful pictures!! It looks like your boys had a wonderful time running around at the beach. I love the last picture of you and the boys. One moment, frozen in time.

    So good to hear that David’s doctor appointment went well. Praying that other appointment goes just as good.

  10. How much fun. How thankful are we to live in beautiful beach cities to enjoy all year long.
    We are having a little tea party play date this weekend and then nothing but family time games, food, and relaxing together. :) The best kind of weekends in my opinion.

  11. Denise says:

    Isn’t it insane how nice the weather has been? We did the same thing only we went to Avila Beach. This is why we live here, 70 degree weather in January. Have a great day!

  12. Gussy says:

    ohhh, your day does sound so magical. i’d love to see the beach right now.

    can you believe it’s -15* outside here in Minneapolis? i am… disgusted 😉

    my plans for today: get a lot of work done while staying relaxed. sounds great, don’t you agree??


  13. Shondra says:

    I’ve only been reading your blog for a few weeks and love it! Are you talking about Cambria on the Central California coast?

  14. Jennifer says:

    your photos are wonderful!! Happy Weekend! :)

  15. Kathy says:

    Oh how beautiful! I wish! This morning it was -26 although now we are supposedly at -11 !! WooHoo I feel the warmth! ha!

    My girls are going for an overnight retreat with church friends tonight…one night…so hubby and I get the boy {age 7} alone for a night and day…I think Legos, a Clone Wars episode and ice cream are on our list of play.

    Enjoy your sun!

  16. Amy K. says:

    wish we could go to cambria! one of my favorite places in the world. :) love the antique shops on main street. glad you got to enjoy your day!

  17. Traci says:

    I have a memory from Cambria when I was a little girl. My father had taken me on a trip to CA (we’re from NJ), just the two of us and on a road trip from Disneyland to San Rafael to meet relatives, we stopped in Cambria. I remember being at an oceanfront restaurant and there was a man selling pewter figurines in the parking lot. My dad bought me a pewter unicorn with jeweled eyes, I think I still have it somewhere…. Your post triggered this memory, as it’s one of my most cherished…my dad has been gone for 19 years…

    Looks like you had a lovely day and I hope your weekend is the same! Prayers for great Dr. appointments, as well :-)

  18. Your stories about the beautiful weather are making me want spring to come as quickly as possible! We received about 6 inches of snow yesterday… so our weekend plans include cuddling up inside together as much as possible!

  19. E says:

    Looks like it was a lovely day, spent with the best company! I’m jealous of your weather…we’re dealing with low teens/single digits here! Drink in that sunshine!!

  20. Kelli says:

    My husband will be doing his first open water dives this weekend in Puget Sound, so my girls and I will be solo, again! Time to stock up on Girl Scout supplies for my new little Daisy!

    Hope the rest of David’s appointments have equally great news!!

  21. April says:

    Your blog is simple, yet so very beautiful! Thank you for doing what you do …

  22. kat-in-texas says:

    Beautiful pics, Lisa!!! The ocean is our family gathering place!!! :) Can’t wait for Summer!!!!

  23. Teresa says:

    I’m definietly jealous of your beautiful weather! It is so cold here, tons of snow, kids had another snow day today!

  24. Iowamom says:

    Beautiful! I know I’ve said this before but I live vicariously through you. I was “meant” to live in CA and my hubby just hasn’t come to terms with that yet! 😉 We’re staying warm inside this weekend. Our temp was -22 this morning and got up to 5 during the day with awful wind chills. It’s bad outside but we’ve got a cozy warm house and plenty of food. Life is good!

  25. Lea Culp says:

    The picture of you and the boys on the beach is just priceless!! You definitely need that one framed. David looks like he’s having so much fun. This post brought a smile to my face and joy to my heart. Hugs!

  26. Our family has a house in Cambria. Isn’t it heaven on earth? Love it there!

  27. Robbin says:

    I think we’ll hit the beach, too, since we are only a couple of miles away. Or maybe try and find a place to hike/explore. We haven’t done that much and now Dan has Saturdays off. Yay!

  28. Peggy K says:

    Scrappin’ last night, babysitting today…just got my word of the year charm so I’ll be sporting that!!! It’s beautiful, Lisa. Just posted a link on my blog back to your store!! I want EVERYONE to have one!!!

  29. Ruth Yoder says:

    I can’t wait till my baby is old enough to take to the beach, oh, and it’s o so cold here by Chicago!

  30. Anne says:

    It was a rainy day in Fl but we needed it. It did stop by afternoon my husband and friends cleaned the fish they caught Thursday,,,and then we had a party. It’s hard to beat freshly caught fish and lots of good friends!…but your day at the beach looked pretty good too….and nothing can beat happy children just enjoying life!

  31. sarita says:

    shopping , visiting my brother who has cancer in his blood , baking him a sopapilla cheesecake so yummy and easy ..then Sunday a birthday skating party then babysitting grandkids for a bit .. & the big game whoop whoop !!! be blessed

  32. nicole says:

    we’ll be celebrating my daughter’s 6th birthday ; she is oh so excited!
    yay for a good cardio visit for david!

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