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July 12th | an everyday moment, family

steve and i started the south beach diet yesterday. he wants to lose a few pounds, i want to cut back on sugar {oh sugar, how i love you!}. and if i lose a few pounds, i won’t complain! i shopped yesterday for fresh produce, lean meats, lean cheeses and some yummy spices. it all looks and tastes so delicious.

so why am i so hungry?! and headachy and dizzy. i’m hoping this will only last a few days and then my energy will increase!

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  1. Amanda says:

    I love the South Beach Diet! It’s the only way I’ve found that I can consistently lose weight. And I love that sugar cravings go away too. The first few days are rough – lack of energy, shaky, hungry… but it gets better! Stick with it, you’ll feel so great!

  2. vicki says:

    Ahhhhhhh. So true for me as well….that evil, evil sugar will get you EVER time. And the real bummer with every healthy eating plan/diet, whatever you want to call it, is that you simply must say no (most of the time) to the delicious, evil thing. I love baked goods. They are a reason to get up in the morning as far as I’m concerned. They also usually accompany a large amount of sugar. You will start feeling like a million bucks very soon. Just know it. In the mean time, I will have a brownie for you!

  3. Anne says:

    I’m with you on the sugar…lately I swear I hear Dunkin Donuts calling my name (ahh for a jelly donut)…haha I try…but it’s hard to resist. Shaky, hungry and headachy does not sound fun…losing a few pounds could make it worth it though. Good luck.

  4. Jen says:

    It will pass in a day or two and then you will feel much better!

  5. HI Lisa I re-committed to a healthy me 7 months ago after just being tired of not feeling so hot. The sugar thing was pretty difficult to get under control. I seem to have a grip on it now without thinking it’s all or nothing. I started eating 1 apple every single day to adjust my sugar cravings (addiction!!!) I’m feeling SO wonderful now! It was totally worth passing on the desserts, but not easy early on.

  6. I love the South Beach Diet and was very successful on it and go back to it often to cut out the sugar. You shouldn’t be hungry though….you can eat as much as you want of the OK foods those first few weeks. But the headache is from the sugar and I was dizzy for days 3-4 as I felt my metabolism actually change/quicken. It was crazy and amazing! Good luck!

    We just had a fresh fruit and veggie delivery from a local chef that is making a trip each week to a fruit and veggie farm and then delivering to her customers. Woot! Woot! We are eating healthy too!

  7. shirley says:

    Oh yes, the great sugar withdrawals…it is your body reacting to the absense of this sweet, sweet drug. That happens every time I pull off sugar, then I realize how much my body depended on it. In about two days your energy will return in spades!! Well worth it….now I need to go do the same :)

  8. Shannon says:

    I tried SB and it worked really well for me for a few weeks. I had the same feelings you had, headachy and dizzy for a couple of days but it does indeed pass quickly.

    Something you could try, and it worked well for me to get rid of the hunger, is benefiber or metamucil in water. The fiber helps fill your stomach, and it’s also good for your system, too. My favourite is the citrus benefiber with a little bit of lime.

    Good luck! :)

  9. For me it lasted about 4 days with the headache and tiredness, then you’ll feel fabulous. Your body will shed (or should) shed about 3-4 pounds in excess water weight, just by cutting out sugar and all things ending in ‘ose’. Good luck, you can do it. Just remember, sugar is like a drug…seriously, so you are going through real withdrawl symptoms.

  10. kristen says:

    my doctor recommended that diet to me a few years ago. Will you let us know how it goes?

  11. I seriously need to cut back(or cut OUT) sugar too. Looking forward to hearing how this goes for you.

  12. LOVD says:

    Hang in there, Lisa. Every time my husband and I low carb it and cut out sugar, the third day is the hardest. I, too, get dizzy and just run down. But after that hump, it’s smooth sailing!

  13. Lisa says:

    The south beach diet is great. I have lost weight on it in the past and am currently doing it again. It really works.
    You should not be hungry on this diet. There are plenty of foods in phase 1 that you can partake and you should eat when you are hungry. The headache and dizziness is probably sugar withdrawal and that should pass in a day or two. Good for you for getting healthy!

  14. JenEm says:

    Hi! I’ve had that feeling as well. Something what works for me is to take any drink of your choice and squeeze in lemon or lime juice. The few carbs you get from the citrus is usually enough to get over the dizzy/run down feeling! I use key lime juice in unsweetened ice tea and it gets me though the first few days! Hope this helps! Good luck!

  15. kim t. says:

    I so agree that sugar is awful (but so tasty!). I don’t know anything about that diet, but it is very important to keep up on whole grains (brown rice, quinoa, etc.) potatoes (very healthy if eaten fairly plain) and beans. All the fiber will fill you up and help balance out the blood sugar…

  16. maria says:

    lol! your body is detoxing from the sugar…..happens to me all the time when I try to cut it out cold turkey. South Beach is great! So is Carb Lovers (found easier than South Beach) & allows little bits of sugar 😉

  17. Linda Z says:

    Sugar can be such an addiction… once your body adjusts it’s not so bad. One of the benefits I’ve noticed is that I haven’t had a cold or flu bug in over a year now. Now if I could just get the rest of my health under control!

    I wish you guys the best on South Beach. :) If you think of it as eating colorful rainbows, it can be fun! :)

  18. Melanie says:

    You will be fine after a few days. I promise! I love sugar too but I started the Akins diet about 10 days ago and I feel fine. It just gets harder at night when I want to snack and there isn’t much to snack on when you are on a low carb diet. Good luck.

  19. Philippa says:

    Hi Lisa, good on you both. I am a firm believer in increasing exercise and eating everything (and I mean everything, including treats) in moderation. It is the best way I have found to maintain a healthy weight and it is SO much better for you than any ”diet”. Hope it works well for you though and that you feel less shaky etc soon. Take care! Hugs

  20. Lori says:

    Lisa, if you normally eat or drink lots of sugar you may be experiencing detox. Drink LOTS of lemon water…it is wonderful for a myriad of reasons!

  21. teresa says:

    How FUN to begin the South Beach Diet…
    as FUN as a diet can be!
    It helps to be doing it together.
    When one wants to cheat…you think you can’t because your dedicated as a TEAM! ;o)
    Once Greg and I were on a program together.
    I slipped up one afternoon and went through the drive~thru @McDonalds! {i was desperate}
    When I got it home…I threw it all away.
    Knowing that Greg was being strong I just could not cheat! ;o)
    I think I need to stop looking at YUMMMMMY blogs!
    SO MUCH SUGAR out there!
    Good for you Sweet Girl!
    Hugs from Bainbridge!

  22. Jessica says:

    I went on the Maker’s Diet a few years ago and the first few weeks were really hard. I am so glad that I stuck with it as I was able to overcome a serious sugar addiction!

    In the future, you may want to read Eat Fat Lose Fat. The plan allows for healthy fats (butter, cream, coconut oil, etc.) which our bodies need for hormonal balance and more – and those products all help to satisfy you so that you eat less and feel satisfied.

  23. Maggie says:

    Go you, that’s awesome! I’m a salt addict, and recently back on the Weight Watchers wagon. The first week is always trying for me, but getting in as much lean protein as possible really helps! Otherwise, my blood sugar plummets and I morph into Oscar the Grouch .. no fun for husband 😉

  24. Dana says:

    Good job making a change! I love sugar! It took some drastic changes for me to kick the habit. My joints in my legs thank me everyday. Seems like sugar goes straight to them.

    I am sure you will to great!!

  25. Yeah… yeah.

    lovely snapshots by the way!

  26. Rudy says:

    Eat moderate portions and avoid eating more than 75 grams of meat per day. You will sure have better endurance.

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