Last week Chrissie and I brought our kiddos and met up in Santa Barbara. It’s crazy, because before we meet up I’m counting down to our time together, while we’re together I’m thinking, “I don’t want this to end!” and as soon as we part ways I miss her again. Do you have a friend like that? It’s a beautiful thing!

The day was full of imperfections–kids fighting, me yelling at Matthias {sigh}, David constantly trying to sneak away when I wasn’t looking. but Chrissie and I were able to have some good time to talk despite the busyness of having the kids with us. And we had a quiet, lazy lunch at Bay Roadhouse where the kids played outside on the patio and I sipped three diet cokes.

We even snuck in a quick trip to an antique shop and took turns watching the kids. Time to schedule some more sister time, I think!

Tonight we have our holiday open house at the workshop! We are busy filling your orders and counting down to the holidays. I’ve got cinnamon candles burning, christmas music playing and I’ve already knocked out quite a bit of shopping. Are you in holiday mode yet?