I think I’m about 4 years old in that photo–holding our family friend, Nathan, who is now all grown up. Crazy! And I totally remember that nightgown I’m wearing.

I couldn’t wait to be a mom. I’ve wanted to be a mom since i was a toddler. And of course my own mother has influenced me so much! Here are four things that come to mind when I think of my mom:

1. There are more important things to do than clean house. My mom’s home is beautiful but she’d rather play than clean all the time.

2. Be generous. My mom is seriously the most generous person i know. Tell her you like something and she’ll immediately help you load it into your car.

3. Be silly. Telling stories, singing in the car, and laughing should be part of every day.

4. Never pass up a good deal. My mom loved thrift stores before thrift stores were cool. She’s got a great eye and can always spot a good deal.

Love you, Mom!!

Your turn! Share something your mom taught you.