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family time {legoland}

January 14th | adventures, family

we had a day of fun at legoland recently. matthias is all about legos these days and david is big enough to ride almost all of the rides. mostly though, it was wonderful to be together and relax, eat hot dogs and play. steve’s been traveling and we love having him back home!! there’s nothing i would rather do than spend a day with my three boys.

what’s something fun your family has done recently?

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  1. Paige says:

    We have been so snowed in….so we have been playing games, watching movies, and eating popcorn! Family time is awesome.


  2. Cathy says:

    I love winter because we get to do a lot of skating and sledding. Always fun!

  3. We, too, have been snowed in a lot lately and I LOVE that. Snuggling up together with coffee and playing with the baby (who’s almost not a baby anymore :(… I love these days!!

  4. Jennifer says:

    I love Legoland! Can’t wait to take my boy back now that he is older. We’ve been riding bikes in the mud after the rains, heading up to the snow, and generally trying to enjoy the crispness that is this very (uncharacteristically) cold winter here in the Bay Area.

    BTW, my mom gave me your “tiny squares” necklace for Christmas. I love it!

  5. Bluebirdbaby says:

    we’re going sledding today! yipeee!

  6. Monica says:

    My family was actually considering going there for vacation this summer. You have any suggestions for Carlsbad?? Like lodging, etc. Or beaches. Or other sites nearby? Or maybe a nearby town that would be better.

  7. Traci says:

    I wish there was a Legoland on the East coast! Like most of the country, we are covered in piles and piles of snow, so we have been spending our time combating cabin fever….playing, organizing and rediscovering old toys and crafting.

  8. Shaunna says:

    my boys want to go to legoland so bad, they are consumed by legos. over christmas break hubby had a buisness trip to the coast and we packed up and tagged along. it was one of the most perfect days on the coast here in oregon. no fog. no wind. no rain. just a full day of sunshine. we had some hotel time (which my family loves!) swimming. eating out (which we hardly ever do) and then spent the next day going for nature walks on the beach. to me, it was better than actual christmas. just the 5 of us. glad you had such a great time with the men in your life!

  9. Amanda says:

    What fun! We don’t have a legoland anywhere near by :( My boys would be in lego heaven at that place.
    It’s been really cold here so we’re playing inside all day.

  10. Nichole says:

    My husband would love Legoland! (The kids would, too, probably.) We’ve been snowed in, so it’s been lots of board games, sledding and snowmen lately.

  11. Jeannie says:

    Because today is Delurking Day in Blogdom, I wanted to leave a note just to say that I really enjoy your blog and look forward to each post.
    Thank you for what you do!

  12. Gina says:

    Because school is back in full swing, we haven’t had any “Hang out” days, but my hubby is taking the two younger boys scout camping this weekend – should be fun as it’s at a ranch. Monday the boys are all mine – thinking I will spend time with them planning our spring Earth Box planting and making a space in the backyard for our garden. (:

  13. Kerri says:

    Such fun! We haven’t done anything that cool but we did go here…

  14. Nicki says:

    I took the challenge and took the transatlantic flight from Germany to Detroit to see our family over the holiday – with a 16 month old on your lap for 9 hours, I guess this is not officially considered a fun event, but we had a great time in the US.

  15. Fun!!

    Love the pix ref on the water!!

  16. Oh, I have been wanting to take Nate there! I think he is at the age (7) that he would love it!

    We recently took a 23 hour car trip to Texas for the holidays. It was great! So fun to be “stuck” with each other!

  17. Kim says:

    We hit LegoLand in August and had a blast! Though,it’s definitely a two day (or maybe even three day) adventure. We only had one day there. The kids just loved it and I found out that my 5 year old is an adrenline junkie! I couldn’t keep him off of the Dragon rollercoaster! I am just thankful that I have teen kids to take him so I didn’t have to go :)

  18. Cindy says:

    We have been walking to the playground after it snows. It takes on a whole new experience when covered with snow! My kids love to be pulled on the sled and I get a great workout, it’s a win win.

  19. Karen Hayes says:

    We spent some of Christmas break at Great Wolf Lodge where we enjoyed the water park and kids lodge in our room!

  20. denise says:

    fun. been so long since we’ve been there.

    we had a snow day/voyage of the don treader/dinner out day recently. it was so good to play together. playing together is so so necessary. hoping to do some of that with the long weekend.

  21. Krista K. says:

    PA Farm Show today with my boys, brother & sis-in-law(the hubby had to work.) Nothing like seeing all the cows, pigs, horses & baby ducks to make you smile. We also got to enjoy antique tractors square dancing & the boys loved sitting on all the display machinery. Not to mention all the yummy, not so good for you treats. Milkshakes, french fries, fried cheese & so on. It was a fun day.

  22. Anne says:

    We had a party when my girls were home for Christmas. Along with our family we had one sister, three brothers & a sister-in-law, one set of godparents,a nephew and lots of good friends! We had a blast!

  23. Stacey says:

    Your timing is perfect! I have been wanting to go on vacation to San Diego with my husband and kids, but they are all questioning what there is to do. I have said Legoland and Sea World, but they aren’t convinced. Can you PLEASE tell me more about Legoland and anything (the more the better) you have to offer about that area. I have heard nothing but good about the area, but since we are in Ohio and often make the east coast (specifically Myrtle Beach, SC) our summer destination (due to my parents having a condo there) it is hard to convince everyone else that we NEED to see the west coast (my husband and I went to San Fran 5 years ago and absolutely LOVED it). Our kids are 13, 10 & 6 (with the older 2 being girls and the youngest our boy, if that matters). Like I said before, any and all information you can suggest would be WONDERFUL!
    I so love your blog and can’t wait to hear back from you because you are such a NEAT person……which means you will have wonderful suggestions! My e-mail is:

  24. Mallory says:

    We bought a house! We got the keys last Tuesday and have begun a few small projects when we have time off and are excited to begin this adventure together!

  25. Claudine says:

    I love these pictures of Legoland — my son wants desperately to go, he too is a Lego kid — and we hope to make it there (or Lego Kidsfest) in the next couple years!

    Our recent family fun has included lots and lots of snow play! And we have begun the planning for a new play space in the house — which is so exciting!

    Enjoy your weekend,

  26. Jennifer says:

    love these fun photos!! :) The family photo is especially dear.

  27. Kathie says:

    We had a surprise party Saturday for my husband’s 60th birthday. He was totally blown away – I can’t believe my daughter, son-in-law and I actually pulled it off without him knowing. 23 people total, awesome food, pianist, fabulous birthday cakes. He was so touched – there’s nothing I would rather do than honor him on his special day. Another big day coming up – our 40th wedding anniversay is Friday. Nothing like being married 40 years to your high school sweetheart!

  28. My son saw this post and said..Hey, wait a minute! Legos!
    Looks like you all had a great time.

  29. Iowamom says:

    Great pictures! We have been hunkered down watching movies, the snow fly, and eating popcorn. :)

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