i was so inspired by this post from tara whitney.

i want to capture more of our everyday moments.

less posed, less perfect.

heaven knows we aren’t perfect.

we’re grumpy and silly and stressed at times, but we are happy

and i’m so thankful.

thankful for cinnamon pull-aparts this morning.

thankful for lots of time this weekend

to sit with the boys and watch the chronicles of narnia.

thankful for our messy house.

and a grocery store right down the street.

i love our crazy little family.


just an update-david’s surgery is scheduled for octocber 26th.

he has a cold and he needs to get all the way better

in the next week. we are praying for that!

and i am doing fine minute to minute,

but i feel the anxiety of it bubbling under the surface.

can’t wait to be on the other side!!

* * *

for today, i want to treasure the moment i’m in.

what are you thankful for today?