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egg hunt!

April 21st | family

it’s insane how a few plastic eggs, jelly beans and $2 buckets from target can make kids giddy. my weekly coffee date turned into a play date since the kids are on spring break and i decided last minute it was the perfect morning for an egg hunt. i love making memories. easter comes with baskets, egg hunt, coloring eggs, church, a special meal and lots of meaning!

what are some of your favorite easter or spring traditions?

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  1. Tricia says:

    I always loved the pretty Easter dresses my Mom made for me when I was little–especially the ones with “twirly” skirts. And new white sandals! Oh, how I loved my white sandals… Easter music (with trumpets!), egg hunts, Easter lilies, and the candied apples my Grandma Nina always made… My Easter memories seem to be in technicolor! : )

  2. Brenda Williams says:

    The pics are great, and the kids are still talking about how fun that was!
    Thanks friend!

  3. laura says:

    so cute! what a neat idea :) I love this time of year!!

  4. Amber r says:

    I <3 egg hunts. I've even went to a hunt with eggs for the kids and a beer hunt for the grown ups! Tons of fun!

  5. Ari says:

    I grew up celebrating with my Greek family, so there was a lot of lamb consumed, funny Greek games and Christos Anesti (Christ has risen)! So many awesome memories :)

  6. Kristy says:

    Easter and Lent are becoming my favorite time of year! (It’s hard to give up my loyalty to Christmas, though) My husband and I always give something up for Lent, but this year my son joined in by giving up his newest video game. My 5yr. old daughter, however, gave up “giving things up.” So, yesterday, my son said, “You get to have sweets, Daddy gets to have beer, I get to play my video game and, Shekinah gets to start giving things up!” Hahahaha!

  7. The first campfires of the year! All my family gets together and we typically start campfire season off! The nights are still a little cool so it’s the perfect time of the year for a campfire!

  8. Sheri says:

    All of my kiddos are in college, so right now every Holiday means getting to see my kids! I am so excited!!

    I try not to “promote” blogs, because I feel they are a very personal choice, but this mom has such a vintage style, and she likes to share a lot of her photo finishing wares. There is a gorgeous tulip picture that I thought you would love on the front page. Hope you enjoy, and have a wonderful Easter weekend!


  9. sarita says:

    i was a stay at home mom so money was tight – we never bought my sons those big store made Easter baskets. i always made them – using the strawberry baskets usually, once even some plastic Easter decorated glasses. i even made my boys bunny ears using construction paper! once we had an Easter egg hunt in the house because of rain – the eggs were construction paper! Now doing the same with my grandsons – always home made. Yesterday they were going to decorate cookies. I made the cookies on tuesday using the bag of sugar cookie mix. i bought the frosting in a can, but didn’t want big globs of frosting – and how to get the frosting from the plate to the cookies for a 2 yr old and a 4 yr old. well – i used the butter knives from our silver ware! perfect! they frosted and sprinkled the cookies – and took them home for mommy and daddy – and meemaw and pappa today.. we did the same at valentines – but shared them with the neighbors. I let the boys hand the little bags of goodies to the neighbors. i hope that they will remember doing all of this with grandma. and don’t ya just LOVE target at this time of year! i bought some “tin” buckets – not knowing what i would do with them! i will be lining one with romaine lettuce and using it as a veggie “platter”!! ok – sorry this got so long! thank you Lisa for all tht you share with us.

  10. Mary Jane Miller says:

    One very small thing we started doing when our two girls were very young was………we got the pastel m&m’s both regular and penut and early easter morning my husband and I would place little piles of m&m’s around the legs of the furnature and tucked into corners of the house and our girls thought it was Easter Bunny skat! They would giggle and run around looking to see everywhere the bunny had gone! They are 27 and 28 now and I still think in their aptments there will be little piles of skat tucked here and there……it would not be easter morning with out it!

  11. Allegra says:

    I love last minute creative outlet ideas! What fun you created for all!

  12. Alisa says:

    I really loved those buckets at Target, and really wanted one for myself, but couldn’t think of an excuse to get one. I’m a sucker for containers! Happy Resurrection Day!

  13. Anne says:

    Mary Jane’s comment above reminded me of how my mother used to hide jelly beans around the house for us to find. Easter weather in Pittsburgh Pa was not always condusive to outdoor activities…and back then (haha) we hid boiled eggs for egg hunts. With 7 of us (at the time) that would mean a lot of eggs to boil and hide! Also…we all enjoyed the candy much more than the eggs! :) * I always went for the black ones first!

  14. Sarah-Anne says:

    ah, the good ol’ days. 😉

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