these little flowers were just outside the hospital

and i took a few minutes last week to snap them.

i love the close-up detail. so pretty.



david is doing fabulous!

we are so excited to see him smiling and playing.

he’ll be out of school for a few weeks until the bones in his chest heal.

but he really seems like himself–silly and playful.

he’s just a little more tired than usual.




my mom was admitted to the hospital a couple days ago.

looks like she is on the mend and on her way home soon,

but it’s just been a crazy couple of weeks!!




i’m ready for some routine around here.

we are getting there little by little.

{check back tomorrow for a fun saturday special!!}

* * *

this weekend will involve some hardcore relaxing.

and a lot of laundry!

what do you have planned this weekend?