wow, we did some seeerious relaxing this weekend.

david had a fever sunday morning

and i spent pretty much the whole day snuggled up with him on the couch.

and it was wonderful. {the snuggling part!}




these pics are from friday.

i spoke at a MOPS group in santa barbara.

it was so fun.

thank you ladies for having me!!



on the way home i stopped at el capitan beach

to catch my breath and snap a few pics.

wow, it was a gorgeous {and quiet} day.



it seems like fall has finally come to the central coast.

and we welcome it with open arms!!

while we plan for thanksgiving,

i am secretly getting super excited for christmas.

white lights and tree and pretty packages.




but back to fall at the beach.

mmmm, so nice!

just me and the birdies hanging out for a few minutes.

while i breathe the ocean air and avoid getting hit by a wave.




someone drew a heart on this tree {above}

and while i don’t recommend drawing on trees, i thought it was sweet.




little webbed footprints in the sand.

love it.




happy monday, sweet friends!

we are keeping a close eye on david to make sure his fever doesn’t get worse.

and the holiday busyness has already started over at the shop.

so fun! so crazy!

* * *

i just started my christmas shopping over the weekend (online!)

and i’m seriously ready to pull out the stockings and white lights.

{i’ll try to wait a week or two!}

have you started thinking about the holidays yet?