when david was born we were reeling from the shock of having a baby with so many issues. since my pregnancy had been normal, we hadn’t anticipated any major problems.

suddenly we had a tiny baby, with seven fingers, a g-tube and many unanswered questions about the future. we searched our souls to try to understand. we questioned God. why? nothing seemed to make sense.

some friends of ours told us that because we had sin in our lives, david was born with a disability. they said if we prayed with faith, that God would heal david. they meant well, but their words hurt our already fragile hearts.

then God brought john 9 to our hearts. steve brought his bible to me and shared the verses about a man born blind. the disciples questioned jesus, asking if the man who born blind because of his parents’ sin. Jesus responds ‘no, neither this man, nor his parents sinned, but this happened so that the work of God might be displayed in his life.’

soon after, another friend came to us with the same verses from john 9. he said God had laid the verses on his heart. And {again without our knowing!} our pastor was also drawn to these verses and preached a sermon about how God displays his glory in the broken.

recently i met dee who owns an incredible business called red letter words. when she asked me if i would be interested in a custom, stretched canvas, this verse immediately came to mind.

she created a piece of art for us with so much meaning. thank you, dee!

i can say, from my heart, God has used david to change our lives in amazing ways. he’s taught me what makes a person valuable. he’s shown me what true joy is. he’s shown me that beauty and hope can be found even in dark places. and in these things, God is glorified.

visit red letter words here. read dee’s blog here.