i looooove this necklace.

i’ve been wearing it everyday, layered with my new ‘hope is the thing’ necklace.

it’s happy and the color is just plain fun!




i love the weight of it.

and it works with so many tops because it’s adjustable.

you can find the new aqua stone necklace here.

but wait, there’s more ha!




we’re doing a limited edition set of all three pieces pictured above.

the new (and limited edition) aqua stone necklace

the new (and sooo sweet) hope is the thing necklace

and our aqua stone earrings.

so fun and such a good deal!! yay! i seriously love a good deal!

you’ll find the limited edition aqua stone set here.

* * *

we are heading down to UCLA this afternoon (4 hours south of us)

to prepare for david’s heart catheterization tomorrow.

it’s a fairly simple procedure.

he’ll be under general anesthesia

and they’ll make a small incision in his groin and slide a catheter up to his heart.

the main purpose is to measure each chamber and check the pressure inside the heart.

if all goes well, we’ll be scheduling open heart surgery for sometime in the next couple months. (ugh).


we are so grateful for your thoughts and prayers.

i am constantly amazed and grateful at your sweet comments and emails.

i’ll do a few updates on twitter. you can follow me here.

thank you and hugs!!