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LA the not so fun way {updated}

February 2nd | david



looong day today

but hopefully productive.

the ENT clinic called this morning to say they wouldn’t sedate david because he is congested.

but he’s congested because his nose is filled with a bump and he also has a cold.  bad combo.

and david’s pediatric ENT was in surgery all day

so we went to the ER and waited 5 hours to see if we could get the CT scan.

and finally we did.  big sigh.

so tomorrow we are hoping to meet with the pediatric ENT to find out the results

and map out an action plan.

the boys were such troopers.

matthias prayed last night and thanked God that we could take this fun trip.

he got a coloring book in the hospital gift shop and mcdonalds for lunch.

so easy to please!

and david was such a snuggler and didn’t complain at all.  sweet guy.

thank you for your sweet tweets and comments.  i am so so blessed by my online friends.

* * *

UPDATED We just got a call from the pediatric ENT. They were able to read the ct scan (phew!) and it looks like David has a mass that is completely blocking the left sinus cavity.  It is contained to the left sinus and does not extend into the brain or anything crazy like that.  They’re not sure what the mass is, and next week they will schedule him for outpatient surgery to remove the mass and send it to be examined.


this is good news so far!  feeling very, very relieved the mass isn’t any bigger than we feared.

we’ll have to wait a few weeks to find out what the mass is, but we suspect it’s probably a benign bump.

okay, now i need a massage and a glass of really good wine!

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  1. Claudine says:

    Lisa, I only know you and your family through this lovely lovely blog of yours, but am thankful to know you this way. I love the reflections you have of your boys in this post. Children certainly are good teachers for us and keep us grounded — and it seems that your boys are doing that during what is surely a trip with challenge and anxiety.
    Prayers for you!

  2. Jenny says:

    I pray that you are able to get a plan of action tomorrow. I know the waiting can be so hard. You are blessed to have such sweet boys. I too only know you through your blog, but I am honored to know you this way and to have the privilege to pray for your family and your precious David.

  3. Gail says:

    Still praying for you all and am thankful you are in good hands and getting good care. Keep looking up.

  4. Tina says:

    Hi Lisa. So glad to hear that David has had his CT-scan, I have been thinking of you constantly. My warmest wishes for the ENT appointment. What incredibly sweet boys you have, such a long week for them but they sound like such troopers:) Warm Aussie hug to you Lisa. Remember to take care of yourself too:) Those boys need a well looked after Mummy (and Daddy for that matter) :) – Tina xx

  5. Rebecca M. says:

    thinkin & prayin for you!!! good luck at the ENT appt – big hugs to you all!!! xoxo

  6. Joanie says:

    Lifting you and your family up in prayer!

  7. Diana says:

    Thinking of you all xoxo

  8. Kathy says:

    More ((Hugs))) from Germany to you all today!

  9. deezie says:

    Hi Lisa
    The prayers will keep coming from me!!!
    You are blessed to have such good boys:)

  10. Dora says:

    Hugs and love from Greece. Hang in there.

  11. Peggy says:

    (((( HUGS ))))
    I see a great day ahead with great news!! You are all in my thoughts!!

  12. cheap r4 dsi says:

    Hello Lisa! Thanks for such great post! I enjoyed it.
    Keep posting!

  13. i am sure you can feel how many of us out here are praying for you through this. You are all troopers. Matthais is easy to please because he has an awesome example of a mama who knows to appreciate the little things. And David snuggles must make everything seem okay. Will pray for good news today!

  14. Lydia Tatum says:

    We’re so happy to hear that despite all of the difficulties the boys made it through the day with their spirits up. My David and I pray for you and your David every night in his bedtime prayers. Know that you have love all the way on the east coast.

    Love in Christ,
    Lydia, Andrew, and David Tatum

  15. Southern Gal says:

    I’m so glad the scan is done. Praying we’ll be hearing good news from you soon.

  16. Gina says:

    Hope today is a good one for you all !!! Hang in there Lisa –

  17. Tia says:

    Again from Cleveland. You’re doing great at the whole keep on keeping on thing. Praying for good news!

  18. denise sullivan says:

    I am thinking of you and praying for good news.

  19. Denise C. says:

    Thinking of you, and David today. Hugs! 😉

  20. shannon stinson says:

    continueing to lift you and your family up and prayer. we are thinking about you as you press forward in this craziness. hopefully answers. hopefully easy fix. i am glad that the boys are handling this well….hopefully that will continue. i pray the Lord will lift your spirits and comfort you in a way that only He can do.
    love to you and yours!

  21. Sam says:

    I love the presence of peace, joy and love in your blog entries, no matter what else is happening. I pray the Lord would breathe words of love to you all today and hold you in His arms.

  22. Becky says:

    So sorry to hear that things didn’t work out like you planned. Praise the Lord for little ones finding delight in the simple things (mcdonalds and coloring books). Hope today goes better! Praying for strength and patience!

  23. Sarah Mann says:

    Lisa – I am an RN who cares for kids having sedation for radiology procedures here in Atlanta. Many times, I am the one who has to deliver the bad news that a test has to be rescheduled due to “technicalities” like what you’ve described. Your post reminds me to remember each person and family and situation when I have to be the bearer of disappointment. I am so sorry things haven’t been the smoothest, but I wholeheartedly believe that God has his reasons. He loves you, David, and your family and wants only the best for you. I know you know this, but I am just affirming to you that He will continue to take care of you all! Much love to you all…I look forward to your update posts!!

  24. What a long day. Glad you were able to get the ct done and praying for the results.
    Isn’t it amazing how little things make kids happy? Good boys!

  25. kerry says:

    Still here and still praying for you guys!

  26. anne says:

    I am praying for David and for you and your family. I hope you will get good news.


  27. blissmamaof3 says:

    Hang in there, you’ve come this far, you’re overdue for a break and some good news!

  28. Continuing to pray for you and sweet David and his little button nose.

  29. Allison says:

    David is blessed to have such a determined loving mother. Thinking of you and him.

  30. Dan says:

    Love you guys.

  31. Melody says:

    Did you notice all of the heart shaped lights in your car / street photo (the whitish colored one in the top half)? LA is pouring out its love for your sweet little family. <3

    Good luck with everything!

  32. Kristine says:

    Praying for your sweet boy! I hope all is well with the results.

  33. Alana says:

    Thinking & praying for you all today!

  34. valerie says:

    love the “light”hearts in the street photo…very subtle like love…it is everywhere if you look a little deeper! Hope that your ENT appt goes well and that you can have some answers for sweet David. .

  35. Tiffany says:

    sending you more hugs and more angels to comfort you!

  36. Jessie says:

    Hope it went well today, sending you warms thoughts and prayers!

  37. Destiny D says:

    Thank you Jesus for answered prayer on David’s behalf. All glory and praise is yours! Please continue to place a hedge of protection around David in the coming days. Give wisdom, strength, comfort and peace. Thank you for the overwhelming favor you have shown the Leonards during this uncertain season. You are an awesome God … our awesome God!

  38. Sophie says:

    All of you are in my prayers. Glad the bump is isolated, that’s always a good sign. Sorry that you’re going through all this but please know how much we all care and pray every day for a fast healing for David.

  39. Jenjen says:

    So so so happy to hear your news Lisa! Praying that the lump is nothing to worry about and that surgery goes smoothly!


  40. alyssa low says:

    oh dear one…i praise with you on the good readable scan and pray for a safe removal of the mass. i pray for rest and community to continue to surround you in this time-we really can’t do life without trusted family/friends around us, can we?!! i’m so thankful you have both. peace to you and yours.

  41. Tiffany says:

    Awesome!! Yes, a massage and some wine – now you can head to Blissdom and breathe a bit easier! And wont David be sooooooooo much happier when he can breathe better!!

    Thanks for the update! Safe travels to you over the next few weeks and I know you will keep us updated!! Thanks for sharing and being the sweet person and inspiration you are!

  42. Melinda says:

    I think that you deserve a massage after the last few days of stress. Thank you for sharing the update on David. He will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.

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  44. Jen says:

    Girl, you don’t deserve a glass of good wine…you deserve the whole darn bottle! Keep up those positive attitudes…it really does make all the difference.

  45. Jenna H says:

    SO glad to hear! God is so good and faithful!

  46. PS~Erin says:

    Go get that massage and glass(es) of wine. Glad the news was good and that you are getting somewhere.

    LOVE the picture of your guys walking together on your sidebar. So sweet.


  47. Gina says:

    That is great new’s – go enjoy a really good glass of wine – and an awesome massage !!!
    You deserve it !!!

  48. Janice says:

    Huge sigh of relief. I know David will sail through all of this with flying colors. He’s such a trooper and role model at his tender, young age. In the meantime, I continue to send out prayers, good thoughts and white light your way.

  49. Gen says:

    So glad that you received a bit of positive news…here’s to hoping it’s good from here on out! Oh, just as a side note I ordered your Illuminate necklace & received it yesterday…I can’t even begin to tell you how much I LOVE it! Thanks for sharing your creativity with all of us!

  50. michele stump says:

    Good news, Lisa! So glad. Yes, you should treat yourself to a massage!!!

  51. Valerie says:

    So happy to hear you have good news! You definitely deserve something restorative now.

  52. vicki says:

    Yay! Fingers crossed for an easy surgery with super positive results! So, so happy for you and your family…what a relief! xo

  53. awesome wonderful updated news. can’t wait to give you a hug in person soon!

  54. Gina Cannary says:

    I so wish I could get that glass of wine for you! You and your hubby deserve it. And thank you for reminding me how it is for parents in the ER and Rad Dept. We do the best we can, but we don’t really know what it’s like. We should all have to walk in your shoes at least once!

  55. Shawn M. says:

    SO glad you were able to get some answers! You deserve a large glass of wine and some relaxing down time for sure!

  56. Becky says:

    Glad to hear the good news! Hopefully this adventure can be over soon … that glass of wine sounds great!

  57. Christi says:

    Glad to hear that the news is good! I will continue to pray for you and your family!

  58. Gussy says:

    praise the LORD for a safe update, and for your wonderful online support group :)

  59. Melissa says:

    Hang in there! Will keep praying for you and your family!

  60. Denise C. says:

    Bless your and David’s hearts. Still thinking of you. :)

    Sending HUGS!!!

  61. Corinne says:

    That’s wonderful news!! :)

  62. Lisa says:

    Thinking a very LARGE glass of wine! Glad good news so far and will think good thoughts that all will go well with surgery!

  63. Vicky McAdams says:

    Praying for you that God will continue to uphold and keep you and your family strong!!!

  64. Debbie says:

    Keeping you all in prayer.
    Hoping you find some time to relax and BREATHE!

  65. Susan says:

    Thanks for the update. Glad to hear it sounds good. Keep the faith and just BREATHE….we are hear to support you. God bless you and your family.

  66. angie says:

    Glad to hear you got an update today! Hope things will run smoothly going forward!

  67. Marci says:

    Thinking of you and praying for your sweet boy.

  68. YAY! Answered prayers, so far! That’s great! Can’t wait to hug your neck soon!

  69. Kristen says:

    Thank you for sharing this blog with everyone. I love to read about Matty and David. I have a sister-in-law with CDLS who has also had reflux and stomach issues. I just blogged about her 37th bday. I am a high risk ob nurse and a long time ago I read about your delivery experiences with David. It was a very important story for me to read. Being a nurse who has seen many babies born with many different problems, I think it was helpful to read the patients perspective. I think I am a more compassionate nurse because of your story. Thank you.

  70. anna lee says:

    blessings that the Lord send a Band of Angels to wrap their Loving arms around & your family & hold you close, we will LIFT you in prayer for your son to be well, forThe Lord to give the physicians wisdom & talent to care for your son=that his health will have a natural comfortable turn around and that he will heal and recover from this. You will be in my thoughts & prayers. I adore your blog & dream of getting a necklace. ((((HUGS))))

  71. I am still learning your story, but really enjoying doing so. Your blog is beautiful! My L.A. offer still stands – please let me know if you need ANYthing.

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