looong day today

but hopefully productive.

the ENT clinic called this morning to say they wouldn’t sedate david because he is congested.

but he’s congested because his nose is filled with a bump and he also has a cold.  bad combo.

and david’s pediatric ENT was in surgery all day

so we went to the ER and waited 5 hours to see if we could get the CT scan.

and finally we did.  big sigh.

so tomorrow we are hoping to meet with the pediatric ENT to find out the results

and map out an action plan.

the boys were such troopers.

matthias prayed last night and thanked God that we could take this fun trip.

he got a coloring book in the hospital gift shop and mcdonalds for lunch.

so easy to please!

and david was such a snuggler and didn’t complain at all.  sweet guy.

thank you for your sweet tweets and comments.  i am so so blessed by my online friends.

* * *

UPDATED We just got a call from the pediatric ENT. They were able to read the ct scan (phew!) and it looks like David has a mass that is completely blocking the left sinus cavity.  It is contained to the left sinus and does not extend into the brain or anything crazy like that.  They’re not sure what the mass is, and next week they will schedule him for outpatient surgery to remove the mass and send it to be examined.


this is good news so far!  feeling very, very relieved the mass isn’t any bigger than we feared.

we’ll have to wait a few weeks to find out what the mass is, but we suspect it’s probably a benign bump.

okay, now i need a massage and a glass of really good wine!