Oh friends! Thank you for thinking of us as we met with the craniofacial team at UCLA last week. I was so nervous about the appointment. I knew it would be long and exhausting–and I was worried we might get some bad news. I especially worry about surgery–ugh. That’s the ‘S’ word around our house!

We arrived at UCLA at 10:30am and David and I headed up to the crania-facial clinic while Steve and Matthias hung out nearby. I wanted Steve close in case anything unexpected came up–but there is no way Matthias can handle 7 hours in a doctor’s office. They found candy in the cafeteria and a nearby Target–so Matthias was a happy camper!

The sun was shining outside on the rooftop playground so David and I played as long as we could. He kept trying to go back outside during the appointments. It’s so nice they have that play space for kiddos!

We saw 10 different specialist including a limb deformity specialist, a plastic surgeon, a dentist, an audiologist and the list goes on. After 5 specialists, David crashed out. I was ready for a nap, too!

All of the doctors were so incredibly kind and patient with David. And he LOVED the attention. He held hands with them and sat on their laps. It’s easy to fall in love with David.

They took a blood sample and did a spinal X-ray. We uncovered two BIG pieces of information during the day. The first is that David is missing some adult teeth. This isn’t a huge problem, but it may require dentures in the future. The second discovery is that David’s 2nd and 3rd vertebrae in his spin {very high up in neck} are fused together. It’s been this way since birth but we didn’t know. It’s not life threatening and doesn’t require surgery–but it means his neck is more fragile. So we’ll continue to use a very sturdy car seat and we’ll avoid rough play.

At the end of the day, we met up with Steve and Matthias. I went to grab a coffee from the cafeteria for an evening boost. As I went to pay for my coffee, I accidentally spilled it down the front of me. The cashier was so kind and patient. And I burst into tears. I think it was a combination of worry and relief and exhaustion. I was one very tired mama!

We are planning follow-up visits with many of the specialist–particularly with the dentist and audiologist. Can I tell you from the bottom of my heart how grateful I am for your thoughts and prayers? Your FB comments, tweets and emails helped me to get through a long, hard day. YOU are an encouragement to me–and I am so thankful for you!