a friend in need…

Since David’s birth we have had many hospital stays, surgeries and difficult times. And during those times, we’ve had friends who have walked beside us and loved us well. I’m not sure I would have known how to love someone well, before experiencing such intense pain, sadness and stress firsthand.  It’s hard to be in need. I’d much rather be the one to encourage and bless, rather than receive. Wouldn’t you? But being needy means someone else gets to serve—and that’s a beautiful thing!

We just completed a short hospital stay and I was reminded of how small acts of kindness can carry such great meaning. I’d love to share some of the simple ways that others have encouraged us during difficult times.

I’m blogging over at {in}courage today. Hop over and read the five ways you can encourage a friend in need!


  1. I adore this gentle reminder Lisa! I hope David is smiling and doing well. I’m gearing up for Rare Disease Day on Friday and thinking of all the sweet, kind gestures from people when I was going through my kidney transplant. It is so achingly true that sometimes the smallest acts of kindness hold such a heavy and important weight in our hearts.

    Love & light to you and your remarkable family!

  2. I have a truly wonderful mom friend who has been encouraging me since I became a mom 5 years ago. Today her necklace (your necklace broke) because her 2 year old girl yanked it off during a tantrum. I wish I could show you her Instagram post but it was a lovely account of how she and life ain’t perfect. I would love it if I could surprise her with another necklace as she managed to save all her charms. She loves your jewelry and I am a new fan now too. Your story is so inspirational.

    1. thank you claire! life is so imperfect–the more we share that, the more we can find the beauty and give each other grace. hugs to you and your sweet friend! xx

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