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January 10th | an everyday moment, family

I’m participating in the instagram ‘January photo a day’ challenge and it’s been so fun and inspiring. Yesterday’s prompt was ‘routines’ and I snapped a pic of my morning coffee and David playing in the tub.  My mornings tend to begin with a warm cup of coffee and my evenings usually end with bathing the boys in a warm tub.  Maybe two of the best routines to make for a good day!

Other routines that make our days go smoothly…

Preparing a hot breakfast

Walking the boys to their classrooms at school

Browsing Pinterest for inspiration {and getting overwhelmed with so many good ideas!}

Unloading and loading the dishwasher. I love a clean kitchen

Chatting with Chrissie on the phone for 10 minutes

Sketching creative ideas

Blog hopping to keep up with my favorite bloggers

Snuggling with my sweetie on the couch and watching TV or a movie

* * *

What are some of your favorite routines?

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  1. Kelly says:

    Many of those are the same as mine…except I really despise unloading the dishwasher!

  2. jennifer Camplin says:

    Pretty much same routine daily.
    Agree with all clean all set. Love it, feel clean!
    In between play with Audrey, my cat.

    awake 5:30 am. (only Tuesdays AM off)
    @ school by 6:45 am for morning duty.
    home like 9 am.
    online FB, Twitter, Pinterest, blogs. many more.
    leave by 2 back to school for after school care.
    Finish by 6.

    on Tuesdays and Thursdays go for Weighted workout classes.
    on Mondays and Wednesdays usual go for cycle classes.

  3. I love this challenge too :-) Can’t wait to see what is in mind for February.

  4. Kelli says:

    I am really enjoying this instagram challenge!

    5:45 am: wake up and get ready to teach at our local high school. Balanced breakfast with the fam.
    7:15 am : out the door to walk down a wooded trail to work.
    7:30-11:30: Teach sophomore honors English, World Mythology, and Film Studies to lovely high schoolers.
    12: Pick up my youngest from daycare; down for nap once we get home, then I have lunch, pick up the house, read a bit, check FB/email/blogs….
    3: snack time and she’s up!
    4: hubby and older daughter come home from their elementary school where he teaches 4/5 grade and she is a 1st grader.
    Play, play, play, catch up, etc.
    6: dinner
    Bedtime routine starts for kids, then have some time to grade, fold laundry, snuggle with hubs and watch our shows.


  5. LOVD says:

    Every Tuesday and Thursday I volunteer at my son’s new school. In the morning I’m in the library (the most beautiful one I’ve ever seen, BTW), and right afterwards I help the class during their writing sessions. I love it so much and know I am blessed that I’ve been given this opportunity. I would not change these Tuesdays and Thursdays for the world!

  6. Philippa says:

    Hi Lisa, one of my favourite routines every day is checking your blog!! I also love:

    * my time in my gorgeous studio each day, whether I be on the computer or creating art for gifts etc
    * any time I spend with my precious pussycat Sabah, especially now he has cancer
    * watching the wildlife on our property. Today wasn’t a good day – a songthrush hit our window this morning and died – she was our pet one that has three chicks in a nest in our grapevine – the Dad is still feeding them thank goodness. Also a small fledgling died today too! Sigh

  7. caro says:

    we have only one kidlet left at home (one is away at school and one is all grown up with a house of her own so i have new routines now…
    some of my favourite are…
    on saturday mornings my hubby and i go to the local farmers market and grab a coffee and a yummy organic pain au chocolat then wander and shop and plan our meals for the week….then we hit the liquor store and buy a nice bottle of wine…
    on sundays we do a nice dinner and all our kids and partners come…love that our kids are all close!
    every week i buy myself fresh flowers…

  8. Right now I cant even remember our routines because everythings turned upside down. We had a fire one week ago today and our girls arent even living at home, which is awful. As soon as we get home from school(we’re both teachers) our days and evenings are consumed with phone calls, emails, and estimates for cleanup.
    It could’ve been so much worse but our home(built in 1860) is full of smoke damage and we cant clean anything while we wait for the insurance claims and such.
    Its a trying time. I think God is teaching me patience. Apparently I havent learned my lesson yet:)

    • Lisa Leonard says:

      Sarah! I am so sorry. Wow–that definitely turns everything on it’s head. You are allowed to grieve and be upset–even impatient. There is grace for that! Sending you a big hug and hoping you find some new normal soon. xoxo

  9. SueInOz says:

    Oh dear Sarah, that is awful! I hope your insurance company quickly helps you.
    Lisa, I love the adorable glee on David’s face while in the bathtub.
    Favourite routines?
    Big breakfast on Sunday mornings and Saturday visits to Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Market to stock up the pantry and fridge with seafood and veggies – and lunch of borek. Lots of laundry on the weekends, getting bedsheets and towels onto the backyard Hills Hoist (the Australian rotary clothes line). Friday pj party night involves a movie or game at home, and often a takeaway meal.
    During the week, my routine involves long hours commuting and working. On the train at 7am, in the office just before 9am. Back on the train at 7pm and home at 8:30pm. Weekly meetings with the best creative minds in the Australian performing arts and event management industry, hiring staff, commissioning suppliers, writing briefings, yada yada. I use the commute time to plan work, reply to emails and personal reading – if I don’t end up fast asleep on some poor unsuspecting soul’s shoulder sitting beside me! Other passengers can be entertained by watching my head snap forward in exhaustion when I’m trying to read. I wake with a start and promptly fall back asleep. How did I turn into my grandfather?

  10. jessica says:

    hi lisa, i read your blog every day and love your style and your heart, it comes across through the page. i also nannied a little boy very similair to david and have a degree in special education, so you are dear to my heart even though i don’t know you. if we did meet, we would be fast friends…you follow me on instagram and whenever i see you “like” on of my photos it really does make my heart happy. thanks for sharing your heart on here. love your blog and your lovely creations.

  11. geisslein says:

    oh, you are participate too? me too – and I sooo much like it! have a nice and creative day today. greetings from rainy germany, geisslein

  12. Its superb as your other blog posts : D, appreciate it for putting up. “To be at peace with ourselves we need to know ourselves.” by Caitlin Matthews.

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