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faith. hope. amor (3 winners)

what are you grateful for??

JenFlen…My boys – I am grateful for my boys, my hubby and son! We have been through a lot over the past 1 1/2 years – no jobs, no house. But every day we cried, we also laughed – and we certainly loved! Today we have jobs and a house. We still cry. We still laugh. And we always love!

C. Beth I’m thankful that I can sit here with my kids eating homemade bread on a lazy Friday.

Janelle Eller I am most grateful for my family. My husband and kids make it all worthwhile.

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pewter hearts (2 winners)

kristine hanson, tiffany day

petite crest (2 winners)

samantha (all sam’s idea)

emily (16 balls in the air)

$100 gift cert (2 winners)

karen (a photo a day)

tammy hummel

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