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January 31st | events

Hello friends! I am so incredibly excited to share our new products with you! I’ve picked out a few of my favorites–but there are so many, you’ll just have to browse around the shop to see them all.
Is this not the most adorable necklace ever? A mama deer and baby deer touch noses in a sweet moment. See the ‘my dear necklace’ here.

These petite bubble wands are perfect for a bridal shower or wedding. They are sold in sets of 8 and they really work! Tie them around a glass jar for a sweet favor. Check out the petite bubble wands here.

Oh my goodness. This necklace makes me smile! Sun rays are bursting out of our hand-crafted cloud pendant. Check out the ‘my sunshine necklace’ here.

This ‘true love cake topper’ is an adorable addition to any wedding or bridal shower. I love it’s simple, organic feel! You’ll find the true love cake topper here.

Capture the light with these hand-cut crystals. I plan to wear this necklace for an evening out or with a dress and boots. Beautiful. See the capture the light necklace here.

So exciting right? I’ll share more products in the coming days–but for now, tell me what speaks to your heart!

23 Responses

  1. Amanda says:

    I love the “for always” necklace! So sweet and simple. It would be a good piece for any outfit.

  2. Marisa Williamson says:

    I absolutely love the connected necklace!! I recently ordered the cream in my coffee necklace and now I am so excited to order the connected necklace and pearl by pearl earrings for my next purchase! You make such beautiful and unique jewelry that always makes me smile!

  3. Erin says:

    I LOVE the sunshine necklace!

    I sing the “You are my sunshine” song to my son everyday. It has some magical power because even if he is in a bad mood, when I sing that song he gets quiet and stares at me. Like he is enjoying it.
    I plan on purchasing that necklace soon!!

  4. shaunna says:

    i am in love with the “you are my sunshine” necklace. i see a mother’s day gift in my near future. very stunning pieces, lisa!!!

  5. emily b says:

    love love love “you are my sunshine” – my daughter is almost 4 months old and every night before she goes to bed I sing her this… haven’t missed a night yet! She is truly my sunshine!

  6. Angela B. says:

    Just checked out the site and I love it ALL! The connected necklace is just perfect!

  7. Sarah-Anne says:

    Ohhh, so dainty & unique! Love the sunshine & the crystals necklaces :)

  8. Becs says:

    Beautiful collection. I love those bubble wands. :)

  9. tiffany day says:

    wow – i see why you are so excited – all very lovely!

    makes me want to get married again (to my husband again I mean) so I can use all the SWEET wedding stuff!

    seriously lovely lisa!! you and your team are awesome!


  10. christy a says:

    I love the sunshine necklace! Stunning!

  11. liz r. says:

    Great new pieces, Lisa! Love the you are my sunshine necklace.

  12. Mimi says:

    Everything is beautiful!

  13. Philippa says:

    Hi Lisa honey.. the bubble wands speak straight to my heart! Blowing bubbles (even at the age of 49) is one of my favourite things to do, especially when I’m stressed. There is something so magical about watching bubbles floating away, catching rainbows in the sunshine. I also adore the crystal necklace. so pretty! Hugs

  14. Keshet Starr says:

    I love the deer necklace:)

  15. LOVD says:

    I {heart} the Mr. & Mrs. Pennant – not seen here but found in the shop!!!!

  16. Chris D. says:

    The new crystal necklace is just lovely Lisa.

  17. Tracey says:

    Dear Lisa, I especially love your new Capture the light piece. It is beautiful and would be a piece I could layer with other necklaces! You have inspire me with your sense of fashion–mixing and matching and layering and I think layering necklaces would add sparkle and more motivation and love to my day! I have your captured heart necklace and the family tree piece is on it’s way! I can’t wait to see it and wear it to celebrate my family and to always remind myself about how blessed I am. Thank you for creating pieces that make celebrating our families a daily occurrence!

  18. Lisa, everything is gorgeous!! I love it all! :)

  19. Jen says:

    The bubble wands are fantastic! What a great idea.

  20. ooooh, the deer necklace! i just began a book club and we just finished reading the yearling. it is such a lovely book. we are having our gathering this weekend and it is all deer themed! so fun.

  21. Heather G. says:

    Oh my gosh, I’m dying over the ‘my dear’ necklace!!

  22. the bubble wands are adorable!! What a fantastic idea! I also love the keychain for the readers of our site… I’d love to chat with you!!

  23. Claudine says:

    Congratulations on your new line — no wonder you were so excited to share it!

    Your continued work is amazing Lisa…what a fantastic artist you are!

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