Crazy news to be found! A reality TV show time?

1. Watch the trailer on youtube

2. Share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and your blog!

Thank you, friends! I’m so glad to have you with me on this crazy, wonderful journey!


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  2. Lisa, I just watched the promo for your new reality show & I was in tears. I lost my daughter in April 2011 to SIDS & came across your jewelry not long after. The inspirational words & phrases you use on your beautiful jewelry really touches my heart. I own several of your pieces & have also bought several pieces as gifts. Thank you for sharing your beautiful gifts with the world & I so look forward to your show. You have a beautiful family.

    Kim Curless

  3. This is so exciting! I loved watching the trailer. I’ve been a longtime blog reader and was happy to hear your voice to put with your picture…you have a lovely voice!

  4. Lisa,
    I think you are beautiful and amazing!! I am so happy to see a reality show that will show a family that is BOLD in their faith. I feel like listening to you was like getting to meet you. This show WILL make a difference and be a witness for so many different things for all kinds of families. I wish you and your family many blessings! You CAN do all things through Christ who WILL strengthen you! Hugs, Vicki

  5. just watched the trailer…so excited about how God might use your dear family…thank you for sharing your life and faith with us…and of course, your lovely jewelry πŸ™‚

  6. As soon as I saw your blog’s post of a possible show, I went straight to the trailer and I was sooooo happy for you. I hope everything goes well and I will be one of your many viewers. Also how can I post this on my blog? I want to share this with as many people as I can.

  7. Seriously Lisa, this is SO FREAKING AWESOME!!! You are such a complete inspiration. I love your jewelry, I love your blog, and I know I’ll love your show. Thank you for sharing your life with us & inspiring us to be the best that we can be πŸ™‚

  8. I have followed you for about 2 years now. I love your fashion, hearing about your faith and family. Was so wonderful to hear that there may be a reality tv show in the works…You are an inspiration…
    Sara from CT

  9. Amazing! I love that your voice will be out there, speaking about hope and the goodness of God. Praying protection for your family as you do this new thing with Him!

  10. I have worn your jewelry for years and love your beauty and style. I found you initially through a special needs blog and knew I would “like” you in real life! Love your honesty, faith, and dedication facing emotional and intense challenges. My son has CHARGE Syndrome and has severe disabilities as well (deaf, non-verbal, g-tube, developmental delays, medical issues, etc….you name it!) and some days are just simply difficult and heartbreaking. And while you/I don’t want to complain, sometimes we desperately want people to understand and empathize and help. Through your show, I believe you and God are going to open many eyes and hearts to children and adults with disabilities. And perhaps…just perhaps…help create a better future for our loved ones because you were brave enough to share your story. Thanks Lisa. I have been on a downswing of this roller coaster journey of special needs world (ever feel that way?) and seeing your show trailer definitely gave me a smile (and many emotional tears too!).

    So excited for you and your beautiful family!!! πŸ™‚

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  12. Watched it, loved it, share it. I have always wanted to do something like you have. As a teacher, I don’t get to be as creative as I used to. Public education has really changed since I first started. I am so very happy for all your success and pray that it will continue for you and your beautiful family. Many, many blessings to you.

  13. Beyond the obvious awesomeness that is your Faith, family and talent, what most intrigues me is getting to see someone else’s creative process and how they make it work for a business. I was struck just in the trailer by how you spoke of nurturing your creativity, as this is something I struggle with- transitioning from being creative when inspiration “hits” to being creative Nd productive for the business aka schedule!!! So thank you for this sharing of your journey, baring of your soul…. I WILL be watching!!!!

  14. Great trailer. Love reading your blog. I periodically see people wearing your goods. Your video really opened up what you do. I always thought your business was smaller than saw. i will admit I get emotionally when I read your blog at times. I think I’ll need a box of kleenex handy when show comes on. God really did give you a big heart and I look inside and am inspired to be better when I read your stuff he is working through you and your family.

    What channel and when????

  15. I’ve followed your blog for quite some time, so watching the trailer sort of felt like seeing an old friend. I loved having the chance to see a little behind the scenes of the business and your family and feel that this opportunity is going to be HUGE for you guys! Your family is precious and I look forward to the opportunity to follow along. Lots of well wishes and prayers coming your way from Mississippi!

  16. Lisa and family,
    So proud of you. Following you for a year now, love the blog; the honesty you give to it…it isn’t always sunshine but it is real. I can relate to it; you are growing and asking God to be with you, in you. I cannot WAIT for more of the show….I have tears down my cheek now…so happy for you and for us!

  17. lisa- i just want to say that you are such a huge inspiration to me and so many others. i have been following your blog for years, i hardly comment, but i always come here each day. god is so big in you and he shines so brightly through you and your family. i can’t wait to see everything he does…not only through you but to see how he blesses and helps others because of your obedience.:) you are just beautiful inside & out.

  18. Loved the trailer Lisa, and I’m sure the show will be amazing! Thank you for sharing your beautiful open heart and spirit, you truly are insipring in so many ways!

  19. This is the most beautiful, peaceful, inspiring promo for a reality show that I have ever seen! I cannot wait to see more! Your story is going to touch so many people, and I can’t wait to see what God is going to do through it!

  20. Hi Lisa! I don’t know if you’re able to read all of your comments or not, but I’m not sure how else to contact you and I really wanted to reach out to you. I just watched the trailer and it brought tears to my eyes .. I just came across you and your jewelry (somehow through Instagram, I believe?) a few months ago .. and your David and his story touched my heart. I have two young boys as well … we’ve known for a couple years now that my 4 year old, Jacob, has a speech delay – but now in the last couple months it’s been brought to our attention that he most likely has a form of Autism, probably Aspergers. These last couple of months have been heart wrenching for me … lots of crying out to God, asking Him why (for the first time in my life), wondering why we can’t have a “normal” child like everyone else. We’re to the point now where we’re at peace and we’re just trying to get Jacob the help he needs to thrive, but to see what you have gone through with your little boy and the strength you have through God to carry on each day, and accepting your reality, is a HUGE, HUGE inspiration for me. I know our situation is absolutely nothing compared to what your family has gone through, but it’s still hard, and I want you to know how much your faith has lifted me up. It’s funny, too – my husband is also going to school for Pastoral Ministry! LOL Your husband said that and I was like “no way!!” Anyways, I just wanted to thank you for being bold enough to tell your story and introduce your David to us … such a sweet boy! I will definitely be sharing the trailer with friends and look forward to the show! Lots of love!

    1. Thank you for sharing your journey with me Sarah! There is beauty to be found–even in the pain. If God can use our story, that is such a blessing. Hugs to you! L

  21. What a wonderful (further) glimpse into your life. The trailer was great…I’ll be looking forward to seeing more πŸ™‚

  22. I loved the trailer! It’s great to delve in a little bit of your world we don’t get to follow by reading your blog. I stumbled across your blog a couple of years ago and I have loved following along! Congrats!

  23. Lisa, your families story and journey is so inspiring to me and I am sure it will be to all who come to know it.

    I am amazed at your strength, courage, faith and spirit. You are a gift Lisa a true gift.

    I so look forward to watching your adventures soon.

  24. I am so excited about this news and the show Lisa. Im a quiet follower of yours who is also special needs mom. I love how you are so real and so raw about how hard it is to live in the moments of today and not the “what ifs” of tomorrow.

    Praying for you and your family and the story God will tell through you. I’ll be tuning in and telling others about the show.

  25. Such awesome news, Lisa! Really looking forward to your show. I love how much love and creativity you have brought into our little town–thank you for that!
    Much Love!

  26. First of all, congratulations! What an excellent opportunity for you and your beautiful family. I just had to contact you after I stumbled upon your trailer (through pinterest) and let you know how deeply it touched my heart. Seriously. I can’t wait to tell my husband about it and watch the show together! I think he’s really going to enjoy it too because we can really connect with ya’ll on a personal level. My passion is working with children with special needs and his passion is working in youth ministry πŸ™‚ Thanks for letting us have a sneak peak into your lives.

  27. congrats on such an exciting project! Loved the trailer. Not sure if I ever properly introduced myself – though we’ve connected on instagram, etc. I used to work in the youth dept. with Ed at Ev. Free, and from that was acquainted with Steve. I’ve loved following your family’s story, and am blessed to hear how the Lord is using you guys. Looking forward to seeing more πŸ™‚

  28. What a great trailer! I am so excited for your family and even more excited for all those that will be inspired and challenged by your lives and stories. So happy for you Lisa!

  29. I am SO excited and happy for you! I can’t wait to see your show – love your blog and can’t wait to see it come to real life through this show. Only thing is I was surprised that your voice sounded that way – ha ha! Beautiful. Love, Love, LOVE! Congrats!

  30. I can’t say that I’m that surprised as you are one talented lady. I’ll echo what others have said that a positive, family oriented show is what this world needs right now. Hope we can watch it here North of 50.

  31. You are a very big reason I started blogging, so I was more than happy to share your trailer on my personal FB page and on my blog’s fb page! I am so excited for you! My husband said, “Um, if you are ever a famous blogger, we are not doing that!” So… go, Steve!

  32. How awesome!! Congratulations!! That is sooo amazing! I can’t wait to watch especially since I have a son with special needs. I think it will be so encouraging.

  33. Happy to do so, Lisa! Congratulations! I’m very excited for you. I love your jewelry and your story, and I am happy to tell my friends about you. I’m ecstatic to have a positive, uplifting REALITY SHOW to talk about! I don’t care for most of the others!

    Best to you and your family!

  34. Thank you for sharing a glimpse into your life. I am excited to watch your show and tell people about it when they compliment my Captured Heart necklace (and they DO!). My husband is nearing completion on his MDiv as well and looking toward ordination. What a process! Blessings to you and yours!

  35. I have been enjoying your blog past few years and now it’s so fun to hear you talking and moving around! You have inspired me in many ways… and love your humble gesture about your fame and accomplishment. Glory to be God. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to the show!

  36. I just found your jewelry in the past year, since I have a friend who loves photography and you had a piece with a camera on it. I was soooo excited to see th trailer and hope it is picked up by a station here in NY! I am sooo happy to see that you are making your life work for your family πŸ™‚ Looking forward to seeing your show! Please let us know where to find it!!!

  37. I tweeted and posted on FB! Again, so excited for you and your family. I hope that others will see the love of Christ that you and your family have and it will encourage and inspire others.

  38. Lisa, thank you so much for allowing us to be apart of your family. I have been a silent reading for years and you are truly a woman of inspiration for me. I can’t wait to see more of you and your family. Congratulations on your life, you have earned it! Wendy

  39. You are so brave to let the world see the inner workings of your lives. I know this is going to sound weird, but it was neat to hear you and your family talk. I just follow your blog so only get to “see” you and not hear you. Congrats on the show. I would love to watch it.

  40. I love this and hope to watch it soon! I read your blog every day and wear one of your necklaces every day too! Congratulations!

  41. This is pretty crazy, no?! How weird & yet exciting for your family. My first thought (beyond how cool) is that I hope the stylists don’t try to straighten your curls and make you all blown-out like the always do with curly hair. Us curly-girls gotta represent! πŸ™‚

    1. Ok, I swear to keep my hair curly. {It’s so hard to straighten it–I have no desire to try!}. curly girls unite!

  42. Oh Lisa, I am so excited for you and your family! The trailer was wonderful and I can’t wait to experience this journey with you!

  43. LISA!?!?! Say what? That is so crazy cool. ha! I’m so going to watch you and be like, “Yeah, I know those awesome peeps. What’s up?!” That’s nuts. I am really excited to watch your trailer…but I’m at work. So, I’ll do it when I get home. πŸ™‚

  44. So exciting! I have several of your pieces, as do my mom & cousin! We just love you & your family! Can’t wait to see the show! I’m giving your love is my anchor necklace to my best friend on her wedding day this saturday!

  45. Hi Lisa,
    I have always loved your jewelry and I wear your necklace with my boys name on it everyday. I am so excited to learn more about your family through this show. My husband is a pastor and I work with kids with special needs providing physical therapy. I love how you shared your heart so openly in the trailer. Thank you,

  46. Not sure if we will be able to watch the show here in Norway, but I shared the youtube link anyway. I bought a custom made necklace from you 3 years ago with my kids name, and I treasure it deeply. πŸ™‚
    Best of luck.

  47. Lisa,
    I know I am one in alot of people who follow you. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing how you do. It gives me hope. I needed to hear this today. I understand the heartbreak and not knowing of our future. I have put my faith in God to carry us. I am just wondering is there something specific that you did or do. I need to find my way out of this “craziness” in my head. How do you pick yourself up in the dark times or through the dark thoughts. I have so much I want to accomplish and it seems every time I start I get knocked back down. I have your “Dewdrop” necklace and it is inscribed with “In him I trust”. And I do, I have given it all to him. Anyways thank you for sharing your amazing story.


  48. Lisa! This was such a wonderful treat to wake up to in my google reader this morning! Hurray! I am so excited, and I hope that this goes so much farther than you imagined!

  49. I’m totally going to be name dropping you all over the place. “Oh, Lisa? Yeah, I have her pieces. Yeah, and I had spaghetti and garlic bread with her once at Blissdom.”

    But seriously, I’m so blessed to wear your art, and to read your heart on the blog, and to be your sister in Christ. So excited for this opportunity for you and your men.

  50. what a powerful message you bring to yet another stage! May your work be blessed and be a blessing to your family. I will be watching and will pass it on.

  51. I have been a fan of your jewelry and your blog for a long time. I’m thrilled to see something so postive hit the realm of reality TV as opposed to so much of what’s out there today. I think you are an inspiration and getting your faith out there for a broad audience to see is awesome. I have sent the trailer to all my friends and pray that you find success. We need more of this in our lives!! Good for you!

  52. Lisa, I have purchased several of your designs and never knew your story. How inspiring! Wow! HE is doing great things in your life. Keep Designing!

  53. Congratulations! This is sure to bless many… Thank you for opening your heart and home to encourage others.

  54. Wow – so happy and proud of you for doing something so brave and positive! I couldn’t think of another blogger I would like to see on TV more than you — ok maybe a few others come to mind but serioulsy Lisa, I love this! Your blog was one of the very first I discovered and I have hooked ever since (goes back to when you first started at in courage!!

    Anyway – praying this goes exactly where He wants it!


  55. I love this and hope it gets picked up by someone! I can only imagine what inspiration, comfort and strength something like this can bring.

  56. Just watched the trailer for the show. Amazing! You guys are amazing! God is amazing! Happy to wear your jewelry! Janice

  57. WOW! How inspiring. I hope it works for all of you. It is such a thrill to see how you and Steve have made this business and still maintain your family first attitude. It reinforces the belief that “With God, all things are possible”

  58. I loved this little peek in to your family and your life. You are incredibly talented and I love that you share it with all of us. All the best to you!

  59. OMG!!! I am so CRAZY excited for you!!! I have been follwoing you for about a year now and own a couple of your pieces, I love your blog and how real you are. I wish you SOOOO much success with the show. Wow, you definalty have a fan in St. Joseph, Missouri!

  60. SO exciting!!! and the most exciting part? that a family who stands for the Lord will have a voice on television and that your faith has the potential to reach thousands of people! what a blessing!! πŸ™‚

  61. So fun and amazing to see where God is taking your sweet famiy, and so inspiring as you share the joy and the hard stuff, as well, real life….. πŸ™‚

  62. This trailer is AMAZING! I’ve always loved your little video clips & it’s to great to hear your voice and more about your faith and how you make it work in the moment. Congrats on this new adventure!

  63. I heard about this at “whatever” and viewed the trailer and then checked out your website. Love what I heard and have seen. I wish you well in your new adventure and will be following along. I also tweeted and FB’d this for you.

  64. Your story and journey are truly amazing and such a genuine testament to how amazing the workings of God can be. I’m overjoyed for you and your family and I wish you all the success in this new adventure. Man, I wish I didn’t give up the cable now, but maybe episodes will be featured on the web???

  65. This is unbelievable. I may have to buy cable just so I can watch it!

    I loved the trailer and already shared it. I am very happy for you and your family. I pray many are blessed through your lives.

  66. You and your family are such an inspiration. I shared the trailer on facebook, and I hope to see more from you soon! It was wonderful to get a glimplse into your life.

  67. I have followed your blog for a while now, it was such a special moment hearing your voice from my screen. You are a beautiful inspiration. Best wishes with your new show – big!!!

  68. IΒ΄ve been following you for more than 4 years now and every day, around my neck I wear a necklace my husband bought to me to celebrate being pregnant with our baby girl, sheΒ΄s now 18 months old. IΒ΄ve never commented on your blog, but silently IΒ΄m still here, inspired by your talent but mostly by the way your family lives and embraces hope in the everyday…thatΒ΄s it…this TV show will be amazing! hope I can watch it online (from Portugal)
    wish you and your lovely family all the best.

  69. Ooooooooooo!!!!!! This is so amazing, Lisa!!!!
    Pity that I can not see the program in Europe on tv but the trailer is super.It grabbed me and I got tears in my eyes…
    So happy for you all!
    Big hug from across the ocean.

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