i’m home from evo10 which was soooo good.

amazing friends, delicious food, beautiful surroundings.

and i learned so much and connected with new friends.

if you are interested in social media and business-i highly recommend this conference!

it was hard to go, but so good to be there.

and so good to be back home!




loralee picked me up from the airport.

and then we swung by and picked up casey.

can i just say how much i love these girls?

seriously REAL and honest and amazing.

and laurie, cindy, maya, catherine, jenny and lucrecer.

the sweetest roommates. and so snuggly.




and now i am home.

with family visiting (which is wonderful!!)

that’s a pic of my sweet niece reading before bed.

* * *

hoping this week will include relaxing, getting caught up on email

and more unpacking.

hello monday! (ready or not!)

what will your week look like?