Why this DIY is a GOOD idea {personalized planters}

I’m suuuper excited to share this DIY with you! It’s so fun and totally do-able! With a few tools and a little time, you can create a word or spell out a name. Around here we love making things personal and heartfelt!


-large wooden letters (found at your local craft store)

-metal roofing mesh (very inexpensive… found at your local home improvement store)


-heavy duty stapler and staples

-moss or flowers of your choice

Using the snips, cut the mesh in 3-4 inch strips, depending on how deep you want your planters. Staple the mesh around the letters. Because the mesh holds its shape, only a handful of staples are necessary to keep it in place. It is a bit tricky to secure the mesh in the smaller crevasses, but a few anchor staples will do the trick. I highly recommend using safety gloves as the cut mesh is very sharp.

Fill your planters with moss, ground cover, succulents or flowers. You could also fill it with soil and plant seeds!

I love the look of the alternating light green and dark green moss. So fun!

I can’t wait for the moss to keep growing and fill in the planters!

Home is where the heart is–don’t you think? How fun is this?! What would you spell out?


    1. Oh, and I forgot to add that I used the first letter of my family’s first names to make succulent wreaths a few years ago, but if I hadn’t done that already I might do it again! 🙂

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  2. I’m notoriously known for killing plants:( what kind of care do these need? Cause I so love them and would love to make them. thoughts?

    1. As long as they are in temps of over 20 deg F, they should be easily maintained with a little water & sunlight! Just make sure the moss is always moist whenever the sun is out 🙂

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