it’s teacher appreciation week! both of my boys have been blessed with the most amazing teachers. we are so thankful! and this is a great time to tell them how much we appreciate all their hard work.

i gathered a couple jam jars {can you tell i love orange marmalade–yum!}, an $8 grocery store bouquet of mixed roses, some twigs from our yard, a roll of craft paper and some twine.

first i placed the roses in the jar, then added a few twigs. i wrapped the kraft paper around the jar and tied with twine to secure it. then i tucked in a little note of appreciation. so simple and so sweet. and i only spent $8 {although these teachers are worth any amount!}

i’ve had some seriously amazing teachers who made a difference in my life! my third grade teacher let me come in the classroom to help her at lunch. i came from a family with lots of kids, so i loved having that special attention. we would talk and laugh. she made me feel to special!

did you have a teacher who made an impact in your life?